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PADI SCUBA Review & SCUBA Refreshers

Has it been a while since you dived? Maybe it’s time to refresh your scuba diving skills!

Scuba Review programs start every day in the pool or ocean which are tailored to you and your learning preferences.

Certified eco-friendly dive center!!!

Great experience and lovely people. 100% safe. Also everything is perfectly arranged and it is so much fun.

Mario Sorgente, 5 * Trip Advisor Reviewer, March 2023


    Preferred Diving Date

    Basic SCUBA Review

    Duration – 1 day / 2 dives

    Price 3,700 THB

    *NOW 3,500 THB

    This basic refresher is aimed at divers who have not dived in 1-2 years and have less than 10 dives.

    Firstly, we offer you access to our online PADI Library should you wish to study at home. Then, once you arrive you will complete a short quiz then learn dive computer use. Additionally we review scuba equipment set up. Then you will go out on the dive boat where, at the start of the first dive you will practice some mask, regulator, buoyancy and emergency skills in shallow water at the dive site.

    Additionally, you can brush up on your buoyancy skills by joining our Peak Performance Buoyancy class which is a fun way to fine tune your breathing and buoyancy. Not to mention an excellent choice if you want to explore the reef closer, with more confidence. It even counts as one dive towards your Advanced Open Water Course!

    Don’t forget, you can choose to complete the SCUBA Review skills in the pool for an extra 1,000 THB. Then you will have more dive time to explore Phi Phi beautiful dive sites. 

    Dive Schedule
    Sample schedule for the Basic Scuba Review

    Firstly, you will check in the day before at our office where we will give you a quick quiz to enjoy with a coffee on our lovely balcony.

    – On the day of diving we plan to meet 30 minutes before boat departure for your SCUBA review briefing

    – Then we will walk you to the pier to pay your national park ticket before boarding our longtail boat

    Boat Departure! 8am is our morning departure whereas in the afternoon it is around 1pm – 1.30pm

    – Once on the boat, we will talk you through your equipment set up and safety checks!

    Dive 1 – Firstly, we complete your SCUBA Skills at start of dive which allows you to enjoy your dives at Bida Islands or Phi Phi Leh dive sites

    Lunch – Then, we take a break in between dives to change our tanks, and then enjoy a delicious lunch, relax & snorkel before we brief your second dive

    Dive 2 – Fun Dive! Don’t forget, we dive the best sites that we can access each day depending on conditions & on what you want to see!

    To finish the day, we log your dives at our dive centre, or on the boat and additionally on the PADI App so that you have a record of your SCUBA review skills verified by your instructor

    Morning Trips – 7.30am – 1.00pm Remember, our morning diving trips return to the pier in time for the last ferry departures

    Afternoon Trips – 12.30pm – 5.30pm – We return before sunset


      Preferred Diving Date

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      Full SCUBA Review with Pool

      Duration – 1/ 2 days – 2 dives + pool training

      Price4,700 THB

      *NOW 4,500 THB

      We are the only dive centre on the island with a swimming pool for diver training which is PERFECT for scuba reviews!

      This comprehensive refresher is for those who have not dived in over 2/3 years where we turn you into a confident diver again. Firstly, we will send our online PADI Library for you to choose your preferred learning path. For example, you can watch the videos, read the manual or work on PADI Re-activate program. Once you arrive to the islnad we will give you some quizzes to test your knowledge.

      We tailor your course towards what skills or knowledge is most rusty and also remind you of dive computer planning and scuba equipment setup. Firstly we review 20 skills from the Open Water Course conducted our infinity pool.

      This is then followed by two supervised dives in the National Marine Park of Koh Phi Phi Ley and the Bida Islands where you can be reminded how amazing scuba diving really is!

      Dive Schedule
      Sample Schedule for Full SCUBA Refresher with Pool


      – You can choose the best option to suit your learning preference because we send our full PADI Library access. For example we have Open Water Videos, digital manuals and also the PADI Reactivate course. Additionally, if you are a book learner you can choose to read up while chilling in our hammock!

      -We can give you access to our PADI Library which can be completed on your phone in your own time and even before you arrive to the island.

      -Whatever you decide , don’t worry because we will review everything that you missed and make sure that you are confident by the end of the program.


      – Firstly, you will meet with your instructor at our dive shop. Help yourself to tea, coffee & water while we go through some theory and talk about the skills you will be refreshing in the pool.

      – Equipment set up is next as your instructor will remind you of the correct way to set up & check your gear before entering the water.

      – You will be given plenty of time to practice and refresh skills in our swimming pool with your instructor.

      – Once you and your instructor are happy, you can take a break and prepare for your afternoon of diving!*


      – Head to the pier! Pay your national park ticket before boarding our Longtail boat.

      – Boat Departure! We aim to miss the crowds by getting to the sites when other divers are surfacing. Often we get the dive sites to ourselves…..meaning more fish and less divers!

      – Equipment set up – by now you should confidently be able to set up and check your gear, supervised by your instructor.

      Dive 1 – Brush up on any skills you may have forgotten over time, like buoyancy, breathing or kicking techniques. Take it slow! Your instructor will be there to give you any tips.

      Lunch – Enjoy a delicious lunch, relax & snorkel before we brief your second dive.

      Dive 2 – Fun Dive! We dive the best sites that we can access each day depending on conditions & on what you want to see!

      Expect to return to Phi Phi Don at around 5.30pm

      *2 DAY SCHEDULE* – If you prefer a morning dive schedule we can complete theory and pool session the day before should you wish to spread out the program.

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        Preferred Diving Date

        Medical Clearance Check

        Certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving, as a certified diver you should be aware of these, however in case anything has changed or you are unsure…

        Please click to see a full Medical Statement before signing up and contact us if you have any questions

        What’s Included

        -Dive Trip prices include tanks, weights, equipment, lunch, water, fruit and divemaster fees.

        -Free access to our PADI Library App and in house classroom learning materials

        -PADI Professional Divemaster or instructor

        -Dive Computer

        Dive Packages

        Check out our full packages which include Dives, Accommodation & Ferry tickets.


        -Book 2 days of fun dives after your refresher and receive discount off your fun dives.

        -Have your own Scuba Diving equipment? You will be entitled to 500THB off the price listed above!

        -10% discounts for professional divers with a current renewed licence! *only one discount at once

        National Park Fees

        NATIONAL PARK FEES are not included in trip prices.

        1 day program – 600 THB
        2 day program – 800 THB
        3 day program – 1000 THB

        For more information please click HERE.

        Thank you for your support of Phi Phi National Marine Park!

        Cancellation Policy

        Please click to see our Cancellation Policies.

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