PADI Women’s Dive Day!

PADI Women’s Dive Day!

PADI Women’s Dive Day Photo Blog 2016

By Panda Hassoldt

Women’s Dive Day 2016 was a huge success! The pool at Blue View Divers was splashed with tie dye, while our local Thai residents got ready to breathe under water for the first time. Six divers signed up and more who will make time to try within the coming weeks.

Thank you for supporting Women’s Dive Day

Thank you to the following who participated in Women’s Dive Day 2016 ‘Thai’s Dive Try Dive‘:

We would like to start with our PADI BubbleMaker super chick Mekhala Ratakan!

Big thank you to Kittipa, Wipapan, Nutchala, Adisak, and Kittipong. We loved having you join us!

A special thank you to Pee Nat from Grand PP Arcade for providing tasty cupcake treats for everyone and for taking such lovely photographs.

Blue View Diver’s enjoyed putting a new spin on PADI Women’s Dive Day by making it open to all Thai locals. The men were even sporting bikini tops and looking sexy doing it! Blue View’s very own Instructor “Madam Louis” looked wildly sassy in his newest cheetah print suit top. Our local Thai Divemaster ‘Son’ was stellar as he translated the skills for our guests and skillfully demonstrated each one. Locals of all ages performed with enthusiasm and completed every task. We are so proud of our divers!

We were stoked to have the entire Blue View Staff there to share in the bubbly fun goodness. Thailand truly was the land of smiles on Saturday.

More photos

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We are happy to take any of our guests in the pool before going to the ocean to try it out first!

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