PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning

PADI eLearning with Blue View

PADI eLearning is the best way to get the most out of your PADI Course while on holiday in Thailand. It allows you to complete the knowledge development (classroom) portion of the course at your own pace. This means less time studying in paradise therefore more time for exploring! If you have a busy schedule or just prefer the convenience of online study, eLearning is a good choice.

An excellent way for you to fully understand the theory in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.


First-off, find the link below for your chosen course. Next, REGISTER with BLUE VIEW DIVERS (Store Number-36215) on the website link. Then, you will be directed to pay for your PADI elearning course using your credit card. You can access your course using the PADI Library App and then complete the liability, medical and student documents.

Find a good internet connection and take your time to read all theory sections including relevant videos. Finally, pay your deposit to secure a spot on the practical course with Blue View Divers.


Each section of your PADI Course has a relevant Knowledge Review which you must complete before progressing. Additionally, the Open Water Course has 4 Quizzes and a Final Exam. PADI Rescue Diver Course also have final exams. There are self test quizzes throughout the courses however they are not required for your final test.


When you have completed all relevant sections with knowledge reviews, quizzes and/or exams, you will be provided with an ‘eRecord’. This ‘eRecord’ will show your final scores and highlight any missed sections or anything you forgot to mark ‘complete’.

You should email this to us in advance for your instructor to review and print out for you.


We strive to be Paperfree at our dive centre! Therefore we ask our students to complete signup on the Library App and also download eRecord documents then sign digitally. There are THREE required signup documents; PADI Liability, Statement of Understanding and RSTC Medical.

padi eLearning

DAY 1:

Check in with our instructor team and go over some formalities before 7pm. Firstly we will check your eRecord, Liability and Medical paperwork. Then we will size you for equipment, review insurance requirements and complete a quick quiz.

DAY 2: 

Open Water Students will meet at 8am for your confined water training in our infinity pool followed by 2 afternoon dives. Advanced Students will go diving to complete two Adventure Dives.

DAY 3:

Open Water Students meet again to finish any pool training before their last 2 dives to 18 metres. Advanced Students will complete their remaining Adventure Dives. Logging and paperwork is completed at 7pm each night.

Once you complete a course with us here at Blue View Divers, you will receive 10% discount off fun dives and also 700 THB off further courses!

RSTC Medical Declaration

We must let you know that certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. If you are currently taking any medications, or are unsure about your fitness to dive, please have a look at the Diving Medical Questionnaire. If you answer YES to any to any questions listed then you must print out the RSTC Medical form and take it to your physician prior to coming to Thailand.

Please click to see a full Medical Statement

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    Open Water Course eLearning

    The PADI Open Water Course on Phi Phi Island normally takes 4 days. However with PADI eLearning, it will only take 2 days to complete!

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      There are 3 Open Water Course options with Blue View Divers

      You have choices when it comes to the Open Water Course depending on your time limit, budget and learning requirements. You can also start your Open Water Course at one PADI dive centre and finish at another. This is called a PADI referral. However, for the options for doing the full course with us please read below.

      1. PREMIUM eLearning

      100% at home learning / 2 Days Practical / Fastest Option / Higher Price

      This option requires no classroom session therefore you need 2 full days to complete the course. Purchase this course directly with PADI using the information and links provided on this page. Premium eLearning includes life-time access to online materials and an interactive version of manuals, videos, knowledge reviews, quizzes and exams.

      The current cost is 220 AUD however the price is regulated by PADI and may change.On top of the PADI Course price you will pay the practical course price as outlined on our page.


      2. eLearning – no videos’

      50% Course completed a home/ 2.5 Days Practical / Classroom session / Cheaper elearning

      This is a cheaper option for anyone who wants to complete some theory in advance. However you are still required to watch the videos and finish the final exam in our classroom. The course will take 2.5 days to complete. You purchase this course directly with Blue View Divers in advance should you wish to complete all knowledge reviews in advance. An eRecord is provided at the end to present to your instructor.

      The cost is included in our in-house Open Water Course price of 13,800 THB.

      3. In House Learning

      Instructor -Led / Use of Paper manuals / 3-4 days required / Cheapest option

      For students who prefer to learn with a paper manual in a classroom with the videos to watch on your schedule. Some students learn more easily with a manual to read rather than a screen. Additoinally, the instructor is on hand to answer questions and talk through everything in person. The eLearning ‘no video’ product is still provided even if you choose to use our paper manuals for the course.

      The cost of our in-house Open Water Course price of 13,800 THB.

      Prices are fully inclusive of Equipment, Tanks, Weights, Lunch, Water, Fruit, Instructor fees, Certification fees.* National Park Fees are additional

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        PADI Advanced eLearning

        The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is not as theory-intensive as the Open Water. Therefore, even with the theory the course normally takes 2.5 days. Unlike the Open Water eLearning, there is only one product. for Advanced eLearning and the cost is the same for both. Email us directly for your Advanced Open Water online materials..

        1. eLearning at Home
        100% at home learning / 2 Days Practical / Fastest Option / Advanced Payment

        If you want to read up on your Advanced Modules before you arrive, you can answer all your knowlege reviews, your ‘Thinking Like a Diver‘ Module, and send us your eRecord. That way you can show up and go diving!

        2. In House Learning
        Choose classroom learning OR online manual in your hotel

        If you prefer to show up and learn everything here, you can choose to sit in our classroom and read the paper manual. Alternatively you can take your online materials to study at your hotel. Then email the instuctor when you are done! Either way you will get your own digital copy of the materials for lifetime reference.


        If it has been a while since you last dived and you need to refresh your scuba skills, we have some options for you on our Scuba Review page. PADI Re-activate Program is an excellent tool for anyone who wishes to brush up on dive theory in advance. It is designed for divers who have been inactive for some time and includes a new certification card.

        ReActivate Access for Scuba Review students – Blue View Divers can give access to our PADI Library App Re-Activate version once you book in advance via email.

        What you have to do – Book with us and then download the PADI Library App. We will give you the login details and you can start to study! This is a shared access program so if you would like your own version you can simply purchase using the link below. Alternatively you can refresh using our books in house or your own Open Water Manual!

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          Which online courses are currently available through Blue View Divers?
          • Open Water Diver Online – 220 AUD (English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese and Korean)
          • PADI Rescue Diver Online – 215 AUD CLICK HERE
          • PADI Divemaster Online – CLICK HERE
          • ReActivate – CLICK HERE

          Additional languages and courses will become available in the future.

          If you have any further questions on PADI Elearning, please contact us or click HERE!

          *Please note that if you do not register with Blue View Divers when you enroll in PADI E-learning, there will be a surcharge for your certification card processing.

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          PADI Online Digital Manuals; Eco-Friendly Learning!

          No longer do you have to carry around your diving text book, or have to worry that you will loose or damage it! PADI Course Manuals are available in 100% Digital Format so anyone who completes a PADI Course with Blue View Divers will receive an E-Manual! If you thinking about getting certified, then keep reading!

          As a PADI Green Star Dive Centre we follow PADI’s new ideas to promote Eco-Friendly learning, such as E-Manuals. PADI Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver and Rescue Diver are all now available in 100% Digital Format in many languages.

          ‘Eco-Friendly. Paper Free. No Shipping.’

          PADI Open Water Course: You use our shop’s paper manual for use during your course. Your own copy will be a digital version which can be accessed anytime on the PADI Library App. If you are pushed for time on the island and want to complete your full Open Water Course with us, we can send you your E-Manual in advance. All you need to do upon arrival is watch the relevant DVDS, review your answers with your PADI Instructor and complete some quizzes and final exam.

          PADI Advance Open Water Course: You will also be given a paper copy of the manual during your course, and there are no DVDs, quizzes or exams, with the Advanced Course so only five Knowledge Reviews are to be completed!

          PADI Rescue Diver: Again, paper manuals and the DVD will be available here during your course, however the theory is more thorough for the Rescue Diver so it may not be a bad idea to complete a few chapters prior to arrival to the island.

          When you enrol in your PADI diving courses, your Dive Centre or Instructor will register you on the PADI Pro website. You will be sent a PADI E-MANUAL via email, and a Certification Credit will be allocated in your name.

          The manual cannot be downloaded, printed or otherwise shared – a printed version can be purchased with us if you prefer.

          If you would like to book your PADI Diving Course with Blue View Divers today, or would like more information, Get In Touch HERE!