National Park Fees Phi Phi Islands

**Updated 2023**

National Park Fees Phi Phi are imposed by the Marine Park and are a great boost for diver safety and coral protection.

National Park fees for Phi Phi Island were implemented in part, due to the increased presence of the National Park here. Additionally , supported by the community groups who work hard to keep Phi Phi safe and beautiful for everyone.
The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant conservation now impose fees for visiting and diving all National Parks in Thailand.

On 15 July 2017, the National Park began charging an entry fee and diving fee for divers and snorkelers visiting Koh Phi Phi Marine Park, as reported HERE.

Diving & Snorkeling Fees

All divers and snorkelers on the dive boat then must pay daily at the pier before getting on the dive boat. You will get a ticket which you should keep for the duration of your stay.

Don’t worry because your money is going to good use! National Park fees collected around Thailand are used within the country to improve ALL national parks.

What are the National Park fees used for?

We have already seen improvements in our Marine Park including a strong presence of Rangers at the dive sites. Firstly, they keep an eye on diving and snorkeling activities, as well as organizing boats at busy times. Additionally they are ensuring our safety by assisting any incidents. We are also very happy to have new moorings installed each year, which minimize damage to coral reefs due to anchoring. Finally, there are now several boat free confined areas for snorkelers to swim safely .

Boat Assistance, Marine Life Rescue

The Department of National Park (DNP) also assist in the rescue and release of injured marine life. For example, they helped us in 2017 rescue an injured turtle ‘Madia’. We managed to put her onto a ferry with our instructors who accompanied her to Phuket. Furthermore, they arranged her release back into the ocean 6 months later… minus one fin!

Save Phi Phi Day every year is a collaborative effort between many Conservation Groups on the island. The National Park partner with the diving community to conduct a huge underwater cleanup. They regularly participate in community cleanups and donate bags to Trash Hero Cleanups. They support new safety and coral preservation ideas brought by the dive community here.

All efforts improve diver safety and marine life protection are supported by Blue View Divers.

Rangers Office

There is a new Park Ranger station on Koh Phi Phi located near the Blue View Divers office where you can pre-purchase your ticket. You can also report any bad behavior at the marine park such as touching/handling marine life. Additionally you can report your captain if they drop anchor.

What else you need to know about National Park Fees

• Our diving prices do not include the National Park fees.
• We do not collect the fees from you. Fees are paid at the pier to the Rangers directly before you board the dive boat.
• Park Rangers will meet you at the pier so please bring the appropriate fee with you every day!
• Keep your tickets with you each day you visit the marine park and don’t lose your ticket! Your Park tickets are proof of your payment, therefore keep them for the duration of your stay on Phi Phi.

National Park Rangers are nice guys! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your diving tickets and what they are valid for, don’t be shy and ask them. They are always more than happy to answer your questions!

national park fees tickets

Ticket Prices and Details

Day 1 Diving – 600 THB adults | 400 THB under 12s

Day 2 Diving – 200 THB pp

Day 3 Diving – 200 THB pp

Your ticket is valid for visiting the Phi Phi National Marine Park for 1 day only, 3 days from date of purchase. Your ticket is date-stamped and allows you entry for diving and snorkeling during these 3 days.

If you lose this ticket you will be asked to buy a new ticket.

*Please note that tickets renew every 3 days, so the cost for the first 3 days is 600 THB + 200 THB + 200 THB. Then the price cycle begins again (600 THB + …..). If you skip a day it may affect your payment cycle, so it makes sense to dive for 3 consecutive days. You can also save money if you do 4 dives in a day!

national park fees

Diving Activity Pricing

One Day Programs:

1 Day Fun Diving: 600 THB
Discover Scuba Diving: 600 THB
Scuba Diver Course: 600 THB
Snorkeller: 600 THB

Courses/Multi Day:

2 Days Fun Diving: = 800 THB
3 days Fun Diving: 1000 THB
4 days Fun Diving: 1600 THB
5 days Fun Diving: 1800 THB
6 days Fun Diving: 2000 THB
Open Water Course: 800 THB
Advanced Open Water: 800 THB
Rescue Course: 600 THB

These fees help fund projects overseen by the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources) to ensure conservation of the beaches and reefs, and for the benefit of coastal communities and ecosystems.

Thank you for your support of the National Marine Park!

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