Koh Phi Phi now – the Island after COVID-19

Koh Phi Phi now – the Island after COVID-19

koh phi phi now
There’s really not anything that you can’t do here on Koh Phi Phi now, that you could pre-COVID.

Once a busy and bustling Island, Koh Phi Phi now is a quiet and idyllic paradise.

Enjoy quiet beaches, uninterrupted views and chilled vibes.

Read on to find out what things you can do here on Phi Phi at the moment, as well as which bars, restaurants and hotels are open, and finally how you can get to and from the island!

COVID-19 in Thailand

The year 2020 will be remembered by people all over the world for one reason.  No-one would go unaffected by the COVID 19 global pandemic. One by one countries all over the world began closing their borders. Quarantine was either recommended or compulsory, and strict travel procedures were put in place.

Here in Thailand, the government acted fairly quickly.  The borders were shut, and soon after, the lockdown followed. The country acted to stop the spread of the virus throughout Thailand. 

Lockdown was lifted on July 1st 2020, meaning domestic travel could resume and businesses could open as long as they followed the new COVID safe guidelines.

With Thailand able to relax knowing there were no cases of the virus in the country, the government launched it’s ‘We travel together’ scheme, offering huge discounts on travel and hotels, and encouraging people to travel domestically.

Together with this, the businesses that decided to open back up, including tours, shops, bars and restaurants, offered many discounts and continue to do so.

Things to do on Koh Phi Phi now

Like I said, there’s really not anything that you cannot do on Phi Phi now, that you could say, this time last year. Although there are fewer businesses open, this doesn’t mean that anything is off limits! In fact, now is the perfect time to visit Phi Phi! With less crowds, great discounts and also some amazing weather!

Scuba Diving

One of the top things you can do on Phi Phi is Scuba Diving.  The national marine park where most of the dive sites are located has been open since July 1st when the lockdown was lifted.  A handful of dive centres re-opened and even though the number of tourists and divers travelling to Phi Phi has decreased, daily dive trips are running. 

Whether you’re an experienced diver, or it’s your first time, Phi Phi is the perfect place for everyone.  We have a huge variety of marine life, from Sharks, Turtles and Stingrays to colourful coral, anemones and reef fish.  We have also been having weekly visits from our friendly giants, the Whalesharks! As if that wasn’t inviting enough, from now until 1st November 2020 you will get 20% off on all diving trips and courses.  So book before 1st November for your diving holiday in 2021-2022!

Phi Phi Viewpoint

An instagram worthy view over-looking the islands, Phi Phi viewpoint is not one to be missed. There are a few routes to get to and from the viewpoint, but the quickest and most popular via the Viewpoint steps will take you around 20 minutes. 

There are three different levels.  Taking the steps, the first you will reach is ‘Viewpoint 1’ a decorated landscaped garden. From Viewpoint 1 it’ll take you a further 10 minutes to reach ‘Viewpoint 2’.  It’s worth the extra walk for the uninterrupted views over the main town of Tonsai. A further 10 minutes walking will take you to ‘Viewpoint 3’.

The ticket office charges 30 baht per person when you reach Viewpoint 1, so make sure to take cash with you.  Also, be sure to take plenty of water, because although the hike is not too long, expect to get your sweat on getting up there.  A good time to go is either in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is lower.


Another great way to enjoy the ocean here on Koh Phi Phi is by snorkeling. There are many shallow reefs around Koh Phi Phi Don and Koh Phi Phi Leh, making it great for snorkeling as well as diving.

On the main island, one of our favourite spots for snorkeling is at Shark Point at Longbeach, where the rocks breach the surface of the water.  Go here at high tide and there’s a good chance you’ll see the school of Blacktip Reef Sharks that like to hang out here.

A good way to spend half a day, is to do a snorkeling trip by longtail boat out to Phi Phi Leh.  There are many spots to jump in and look for Sharks and Turtles, or just enjoy the colourful reefs and fish. A favourite spot is near Viking cave, where the reef is shallow and a school of Blacktip Reef sharks can often be seen. Watch the sunset from the boat and jump back in the water when it’s dark to experience the natural phenomenon that is the bioluminescent plankton.

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Pileh Lagoon

Another one not to be missed and the photographer’s dream. Pileh lagoon is the beautiful blue lagoon surrounded by limestone cliffs over on the island of Phi Phi Leh.  You can only enter the lagoon on a small boat and when the tide is right due to the reef at the entrance being so shallow, so make sure to plan ahead on your trip here. 

I recommend booking a half day snorkeling trip by longtail boat where you can spend some time in Pileh Lagoon on one of your stops. Additionally, rent a longtail boat from Koh Phi Phi Don to enjoy this peaceful lagoon and spend as much time here as you want. If you want to snorkel, the bay entrance is the best spot.

Pileh lagoon is a popular spot and it’s not hard to see why.  During these times expect to share the lagoon with only a handful of other boats.

Maya Bay

Another beautiful spot over on the Island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, is the world famous Maya Bay.

Made famous by the 2000 movie ‘The Beach’, tourists from all over the world would come to Phi Phi to visit Maya Beach.  In peak season, up to 5000 people every day visiting the bay, meant that the coral reefs here suffered tremendously.  Since 2018 the beach has been closed to tourists and a huge scale coral rehabilitation project began. 

Although the beach is still closed, boats can still enter the bay for boat tours, diving and snorkeling.  Plans to open Maya beach to tourists are in talks for later this year.


Rent a Kayak from Loh Dalum beach and enjoy the sunset in the bay, or, make a day of it and venture out to one of the nearby beaches.  Just outside of the bay and to the left is Monkey Beach.  A beautiful beach with shallow reef for snorkeling, and home to a few of Phi Phi’s monkeys. 

Continue further around the island and you will reach Wang Long bay, which has a beautiful and secluded beach, only accessible by boat. 

Taking a right out of the bay will lead you to Nui Bay, another beautiful and secluded beach.  Take some snorkeling gear as the reef here is fairly shallow and filled with beautiful corals and life. The next bay along from Nui Bay is Lana Bay, another great spot for snorkeling.

Always check the conditions before taking a kayak out of the bay.  The bay is sheltered from most wind and waves however once you leave the bay there is not as much shelter.  The best time to take a kayak out is during high tide, to be able to access all of the beaches.

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Some of the best beaches on Koh Phi Phi now

There are many beautiful beaches around Koh Phi Phi Don, some of which are right on your doorstep, and some that’ll take a bit more time to reach whether it’s on foot, by longtail boat or by kayak. As the island is less busy now, many of the beaches that used to be noisy, filled with people and lined with speedboats, are now beautiful quiet spots for you to relax and waste away the days.

Want to to spend the day relaxing underneath a palm tree? Hike or Kayak to a secluded beach to have all to yourself? Meet the local wildlife? Here are some of the best beaches on Koh Phi Phi now.

koh phi phi nui bay

Nui Beach

A beautiful bay on the North of the island, with secluded white sand beach and blue waters.  Because of its location you will often only find a handful of people venture over.  The easiest way to access Nui Bay would be to take a longtail boat from Loh Dalum beach.  If you’re looking for a bit more adventure then hike through the jungle.  It’ll take you around 1.5-2 hours from the main town.  Another option is to rent a kayak from Loh Dalum Beach, this way will take around 30 minutes, but make sure you check conditions first! Take plenty of water and everything you might need for the day, as there are no shops at Nui Beach.

nice beach koh phi phi

Nice Beach

A 5 minute walk from Tonsai Pier, make this one of the best and most accessible beaches on Phi Phi Don. Nice beach as the name suggests, is a Nice Beach!  With plenty of trees creating shade from the sun, crystal clear water, and spots for snorkeling. You can easily spend an afternoon lazing around on this beach.

Long Beach

A little further away from the main town, it’ll take you around 45 minutes to reach Long Beach from Tonsai pier. Lined with higher end resorts, most of which are still closed, meaning you’ll be able to find a nice quiet spot here to relax.  Go for a snorkel where the rocks breach the water at the end of the beach, and there’s a good chance you will see some Blacktip Reef Sharks!  Not a danger to use humans, watch as they swim around beneath you. If you’re not feeling the walk over, take a local longtail taxi boat for around 200 baht per person.

lohmoodee beach koh phi phi now beaches

Loh Moodee beach

A little further on from Long beach, it’ll take you a good hour and a half walking to Loh Moodee beach from Tonsai Pier. Taking a Longtail taxi boat for a small fare is also an option. Loh Moodee beach is nice and quiet due to its location, and often there will only be a handful of people here. At high tide it’s a great spot for swimming and snorkeling.

Snorkelling Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach

There is in fact more than one Monkey Beach around Phi Phi Don.  5 minutes by longtail from Tonsai Pier is Saam Hat (three beaches) otherwise known as Monkey Beach.  You can also take a longtail or kayak from Loh Dalum Beach and on the left of the bay entrance you will find another Monkey Beach.  

As with all wild animals, respect them.  Don’t try to grab or touch. Though the monkeys are generally not aggressive, care should be taken. Don’t take food or drinks onto the beach with you, and also be aware of belongings.

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Where to eat on Koh Phi Phi now

Local Market & Street food

Those looking for the more authentic Thai food, and where locals like to eat cheap. You’ll find plenty of options for food and drink in the local market.  Whether it’s a sit down meal or a quick bite on your way through, the market is open earlier in the day and a perfect stop for breakfast or lunch. Dotted around Tonsai town are many street food stalls serving cheap quick food and drinks for a quick and convenient option.


Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Phi Phi, Efes is decorated in a beautiful turkish style and has aircon inside. Outdoor seating is also available.  It offers many options including for vegetarians. With friendly staff and a nice setting, Efes is a favourite for locals and tourists alike.  This restaurant is mid-range price wise, and currently offering 20% off.

La Mamita

La Mamita offers a huge selection, from Italian and Israeli menus to classic Thai dishes.  Not to be missed are their Pizzas at 120 Baht.  With indoor seating in a quiet location in the middle of Tonsai town.

Pirates House

Pirates restaurant offers a delicious Indian menu as well as Thai, with friendly staff and fast service. The price is mid range but they currently have some good offers on including set menus and 20% off.  The restaurant has a nice setting in the middle of Tonsai town, and is also a good spot to enjoy a drink with live music on most nights.

Patcharee Bakery

Open all day, and offering an extensive breakfast menu (especially for those Avocado lovers). This restaurant is a great place to fill up before, or wind down after a day of activities (or chilling on the beach). In a convenient location a short walk from Tonsai pier.

PJ Bakery Hut

Another great stop for breakfast or lunch, PJ Bakery Hut is open earlier in the day. Offering breakfast menu, Thai food and also sandwiches, burgers and toasties with their homemade bread. They serve great coffee, fruit shakes and sodas with the option to sit in or takeaway.

The Mango Garden

If you love Mango (and let’s be honest who doesn’t?!) The Mango Garden is the mango lovers dream! Just 1 minute walk from Tonsai Pier make this a convenient location, with indoor air con seating. Serving a variety of Mango themed treats from Waffles to Mango Sticky Rice. The Mango Garden also serves coffee and smoothies, and is currently offering discounted prices!

Dow Restaurant

Serving an extensive menu of Thai, European and Israeli menus, with vegetarian options. Dow restaurant is a great cheap stop for food in a convenient location close to the centre of Tonsai town.

Pa Jit Thai Food

For authentic Thai dishes, Pa Jit restaurant is in a convenient location in town offering a huge range of tasty Thai food. Open for lunch and dinner.

Where to drink on Koh Phi Phi now

Rolling Stones Bar

A hidden gem, at Rolling Stones bar locals and tourists, Thais and Farang come together to enjoy cheap drinks and live music.  Also offering a free pool table it is one of the busier bars on Phi Phi currently.

Cottage Bar

On the once loud and busy Loh Dalum Beach you’ll find the Cottage bar. A small bar right on the beach with a great view for Sunset.  You’ll find cheap drinks, friendly staff and chill music here.


Once a crazy bar right in the heart of Tonsai town, Dojo’s now a little quieter is still a good spot for some drinks.  With good music and a free pool table, and also a convenient location. Dojo’s also play international sports on television.


A perfect beachfront location overlooking Tonsai Bay. Come to Carlito’s for some nice drinks, chill music and island vibes. Carlito’s also have an amazing fireshow.

Where to stay on Koh Phi Phi now

Viewpoint Resort

On the Northernmost tip of Loh Dalum beach and overlooking the bay, is Viewpoint resort, a large resort in a now quiet area of the main town.  Boasting an infinity pool in a perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.  Viewpoint resort also has an on site Eco friendly Scuba Diving Centre that can also arrange day trips around the Phi Phi islands by longtail boat, and Snorkeling tours.

Sea front rooms start at 800 Baht / night. To book contact Pee Nok on 087 881 2450 or email khanittha20369@yahoo.com

Phi Phi Jungle Hill Bungalows

More traditional bungalows for budget travellers in a quiet area of Loh Dalum. Next door to Phi Phi hill bamboo bungalows, be prepared for a short hike to get here but enjoy the peace and quiet, and being surrounded by nature once you are here. Offering fan rooms starting from 300 Baht, and air con from 500 Baht / night.

To book contact 086 070 3536 or email phiphidusit@gmail.com

Tropical Garden Bungalow

Tropical Garden offers an outdoor pool surrounded by trees and has fan and air con rooms. In a quiet area of Phi Phi but close walking distance to shops and restaurants, and near to the steps leading to the viewpoint. Tropical Garden also has an onsite restaurant serving breakfast.

Rooms start at 300 Baht / night and you can book here.

JJ Bungalows

Surrounded by tropical greenery, air conditioned rooms are spacious and come with a private balcony.  JJ Bungalows also has an outdoor swimming pool for guests to enjoy.

Starting from 650 Baht / night you can book directly with us, via Pee Nok.

The Cobble Beach

Offering an outdoor pool over looking Loh Dalum bay, The Cobble Beach features cosy accommodation with air con. Just a short walk from the main towns bars and restaurants and in a quiet area.

Rooms start from 1200 Baht / night and you can book here

Viking Nature resort

Viking Nature Resort is a 5 minute walk to longbeach and a 25 minute walk from Tonsai Pier. The rooms are nestled into the trees but right on the beachfront, in a quiet area of Phi Phi. They have an onsite restaurant.

Rooms start at 700 Baht / night. To book call 095-983-9741 Line ID: apple.sm or click here.

PP Princess & Charlie’s beachfront resort

For those looking for a bit more luxury, Princess and Charlie’s resorts offer different budget rooms from mid to high range.  The resorts share two onsite pools and an on site restaurant. Right next to Loh Dalum beach, all rooms are air conditioned with a private bathroom.  At Princess resort rooms come with a private balcony, television and fridge. This resort also offers beachfront bungalows.

Rooms at Charlie’s resort start from 800 Baht / night and you can book directly with us.

Rooms at PP Princess resort start from 2500 Baht / night and you can you can book directly with us.

Phi Phi Cliff Beach Resort

Overlooking Tonsai Bay and right on the beach, and currently offering an amazing discount. Cliff Beach resort has a private pool for guests to enjoy and is close to the main pier.

Rooms starting from 1290 Baht / night, book by calling 0653894616 or visit here.

Getting to and from Koh Phi Phi now

There are now ferries and speedboats running to and from Koh Phi Phi daily from both Phuket and Krabi. With domestic flights operating once again throughout Thailand and daily flights to and from both Phuket and Krabi airports.

Allow at least 1 hour travelling from Phuket Airport to Rassada Pier in Phuket. Allow 40 minutes travel time between Krabi airport and Krabi Pier.

The ferry from both Krabi and Phuket will take around 2 hours to reach Koh Phi Phi

Additionally there are speedboats running daily that will take around 1 hour.

For up to date ferry and speedboat timetables, information, promotions and photos:

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