Diving Trips Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Diving Trips Phi Phi Island

The best Diving Trips on Phi Phi in the South Andaman.

It’s better to stay on the island to dive our local islands because dive sites are only 20 minutes from shore!

First off, It was so great to get back in the water with the Blue View team!! Caroline, Pi Nok, and the rest of the crew were absolutely wonderful. Also, highly responsive to email, they helped us every step of the way. The turtles, sharks, and wreck diving trips were an added bonus! Can’t wait to get back and dive with you again!!

schwartzmadison, 5* Trip Advisor Feb 2023

Diving Trips Phi Phi National Marine Park

Morning departure: 8am – 12.30pm

Afternoon departure: 1pm -5.30pm

Duration: ½ Day / 2 Dives /4-5 hours

Fun Diver Price Per PersonFull PriceNow with Rental GearNow with Own Gear
2 Local Dives – 1 Trip3,000 THB2,700 THB2,200 THB
4 Local Dives – 2 Trips5,800 THB5,200 THB4,200 THB
6 Local Dives – 3 Trips8,600 THB7,600 THB6,100 THB
Night Dive – 6pm – 8pm2,100 THB1,900 THB1,700 THB

Diving Trips Phi Phi

Dive with Sharks and Turtles!

Explore some of Thailand’s top dive sites around our local reefs. 

Our half day Phi Phi diving trips take place at Phi Phi National Marine Park which has over 20 dive sites to choose from. Phi Phi Island is famous for diverse reef systems and a wide range of aquatic life which we are lucky to have right on our doorstep. Only 20 – 25 minutes from Phi Phi Pier and we are at the dive sites!

You will dive with only experienced dive professionals because we want to make sure you have the best experience possible.

Additionally, we offer dive packages including dive trips, accommodation & ferry tickets.


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    Dive Schedule

    Diving Trips Phi Phi: Sample Schedule

    First things first! We meet divers around McDonald’s next to the pier because it is central to most hotels.

    7.30am is our meeting time for the morning trip and then 12.45pm would be our meet time for afternoon trips

    Boat Departure! 8am/ 1.30pm

    Okay so we aim to miss the crowds by getting to the sites when other divers are surfacing. Often get the dive sites to ourselves…..meaning more fish and less divers!

    Dive 1 – Our first dive is usually around Bida Islands or Phi Phi Leh dive sites

    Lunch – After your first dive, we enjoy lunch in a beautiful beach or bay! Relax and snorkel before we brief your second dive

    Dive 2 – Did you see turtles on your first dive? Then we can take you to a good shark spot second and vice versa!

    We dive the best sites that we can access each day and additionally like to switch our sites if we arrive to a busy dive area. Furthermore, please note that in low season we do not have full access to the Marine Park.

    12.30pm-1.00pm – Morning trips return to the pier in time for the last ferry departures

    5.30pm – 6pm – Afternoon trips return to the pier.

    6pm – Lastly, night dive meeting time which can change during the season according to sunset times

    Koh Phi Phi or Koh Tao?

    Exploring Underwater Thailand: Koh Phi Phi vs. Koh Tao

    Koh Phi Phi: A Diver’s Paradise

    Experienced divers who are seeking an unparalleled underwater adventure often find themselves drawn to the breathtaking beauty of Koh Phi Phi. First off, Phi Phi Islands boast crystal-clear waters that play host to a abundant display of marine life. As you explore the vibrant coral reefs you surface to a stunning backdrop of limestone karsts from a diverse underwater world. Furthermore, you will find unique and endangered aquatic marine animals here including huge schools of yellow snappers, graceful sea turtles, black tip sharks and the elusive leopard sharks, ensuring a captivating experience for divers of all levels.

    Dive Sites just 20 minutes by boat: Over 15 dive sites to choose form

    Distinguished by its dynamic dive sites, Koh Phi Phi offers a comprehensive range of underwater landscapes. From gentle slopes with thriving coral gardens to amazing pinnacles and dramatic walls. Notable sites like the Bida Islands are renowned not only for their vibrant coral formations but also for the frequent sightings of sharks and pelagic schools. Furthermore, the underwater topography includes enchanting swim-throughs and mysterious caverns which add an extra layer of excitement to the more advanced diver experience.

    In fact, Koh Phi Phi provides a well-rounded diving experience suitable for both beginners and seasoned divers. The variety of dive sites caters to different preferences and skill levels, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a multifaceted adventure beneath the surface.

    Boutique diving experience: Smaller Groups

    Firstly, there are around 20 dive centres on Koh Phi Phi which work together on safety and conservation within the marine park. Furthermore, diver supervision is more closely monitored here because the ratios of instructor to diver does not exceed 4:1. Furthermore, beginner programs the ratio is no more than 2:1. In fact, this ensures are more safe and exciting experience as you will see more marine life because your guide has more time to find amazing creatures for you!

    Koh Tao: East Coast Charm but Limited Diversity

    Next up is Koh Tao which is another renowned diving destination where divers encounter a different but equally enchanting underwater realm. First off, Koh Tao is known for its affordability, diver-friendly atmosphere, and over 100 dive schools therefore making it an attractive choice for new divers. However, while the marine life is abundant and the coral formations are impressive, Koh Tao falls short in terms of diversity compared to its counterpart, Koh Phi Phi.

    Larger groups = different experience

    Because of the cheaper diving prices you will find that your dive groups are larger than they are on Koh Phi Phi. Therefore your guide will be busier looking after the group and they may not have as much time to find exciting marine life to share with you. Furthermore, in Koh Tao the dive boats are moored up therefore your dive route will always lead you back to the boat. Whereas in Koh Phi Phi, the diving boats will come to pick you up once you have finished exploring the dive sites.

    In conclusion, whether you prioritize budget, vibrant marine life, captivating dive sites, or a well-rounded underwater experience, Koh Phi Phi emerges as the superior destination for scuba diving enthusiasts. In fact, the amazing dive sites, diverse marine ecosystems, and the captivating underwater topography collectively position Koh Phi Phi as a diver’s paradise that truly stands apart.

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    Night dive cuttlefish

    Night Diving Trips Phi Phi

    Duration: 1 Dive

    Time: 6pm – 8pm

    Price: 2,000 THB

    NOW *1,900 THB / Own equipment 1,700 THB

    Explore the reef as the sun sets when different creatures emerge under the cover of darkness.

    Crabs, lobsters, shrimps, octopus, cuttlefish and the corals, come alive at night. Then, fish sleep in crevices, hiding from predators such as barracudas who hunt by your torch light. Also, you will see the coral polyps feeding and everything looks different. Explore the amazing bioluminescent plankton as we wave our hands around in the darkness. In fact, It looks like a million stars in the sky.

    Furthermore, this site only 5 minutes by boat therefore you can be briefed, enjoy a dive and return to shore in under 2 hours!

    Never dived at night?

    Join our night dive trips as an Adventure Night Diver for 2,500 THB which credits you one dive towards the 5 needed to complete your Advanced Open Water Certification.


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      wreck diving phi phi, local diving , kled gaeow wreck

      Kled Gaeow Wreck

      Duration: Half Day / 2 Dives

      Price: 3,300 THB

      NOW *3,100 THB / Own equipment 2,600 THB

      Purposely sunk in March 2014, this ex-navy gun ship is an exciting site for divers to explore.

      The Kled Gaeow attracts a massive array of marine life which makes it one of our most popular dive trips. Many big schools of fish can be seen including barracudas, jacks, yellow snappers, and fusiliers. Additionally you can see lionfish, scorpionfish and also squid, octopus, stingrays then even some bamboo sharks around the hull!

      The Wreck sits at 28 metres with the shallowest point at 16 metres therefore you must be Advanced or have Adventure Deep to dive this site.

      It has some great penetration points too! However, this should only be done under the correct supervision. Therefore diving it as part your PADI Wreck Speciality Course is ideal.

      Not Yet Advanced Deep Certified?

      Join our Wreck dive trips as an Adventure Deep Diver for an extra 800 THB which credits you one dive towards the 5 needed to complete your Advanced Open Water Certification.

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        Diving Trips Phi Phi – 6 Dive Pack

        Duration: 3 x half days / 6 Dives

        Price: 9,400 THB

        NOW *8,400 THB / Own equipment 6,600 THB

        You can enjoy more of our beautiful marine park by joining our dive trips for several days!

        First off, if you are coming to Koh Phi Phi for a few days and love diving, Koh Phi Phi has a huge variety of different dive sites to explore. Therefore, sign up for local dive trips for 2 or more days to visit 6 different dive sites! In fact, we prioritize our repeat divers so that you can experience as much of Koh Phi Phi’s diverse marine life as possible.

        This Multi Day diving includes 5 dives at the Phi Phi Marine Park and then 1 dive at Kled Gaeow Wreck.

        Not Yet Advanced Deep Certified?

        Join our Wreck dive trips as an Adventure Deep Diver for an extra 800 THB. Therefore you have credit of one dive towards the 5 needed to complete your Advanced Open Water Certification.

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          Diving Trips Phi Phi – Special Request Trips

          King Cruiser, Shark Point and Anemone Reef

          Duration: 1 Day/ 3 Dives

          Price: 4,800 THB / own equipment 4,300 THB

          (These dive trips are not scheduled daily and we can only organise upon request because our local wreck has grown more popular)

          These are located 1 and half hours away from Koh Phi Phi by big boat which is halfway between Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. The King Cruiser was a car ferry which collided with Anemone Reef on May 7, 1997. It then sunk 9 miles west of Phi Phi Don which was considered dubious circumstances. Everyone on board was rescued and rumours of insurance fraud began to spread. The wreck is 85 meters long and 25 meters wide and rests at 32m on the seabed therefore suitable for Advanced divers.

          Furthermore, this wreck is stunning, with huge schools of fish, barracudas, cool nudibranch including lots of lionfish & scorpion fish. However it is an advanced dive site because it is deep and prone to strong currents.

          Not Yet Advanced Deep Certified?

          Join our Wreck dive trips as an Adventure Deep Diver . It cost an extra 1000 THB because it credits you one dive towards the 5 needed to complete your Advanced Open Water Certification.

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            Diving Trips Phi Phi: Special Request

            Hin Daeng/Hin Muang & Koh Haa

            Price: 4,900 THB – 5,900 THB

            Duration: Full Day / 3 Dives

            (These dive trips are not scheduled daily and we can only organise upon request. It mainly runs between December – March)

            Hin Daeng/Hin Muang sites have deep drop offs that are spectacular and dramatic. There are frequent sightings of manta rays and whale shark because it is a cleaning station. Therefore one of the best dive areas in Thailand to view pelagic animals. Additionally they are covered in beautiful soft corals and leopard sharks, rays and turtles can be seen. Also there are many beautiful small creatures including schools of batfish and barracuda.

            These sites are or experienced Advanced Certified divers because they drop off to about 65 meters. Therefore good planning skills, excellent buoyancy and depth control are a must. Furthermore, open ocean sites are subjected to both tidal and oceanic currents.

            Koh Haa is halfway from Phi Phi to Hin Daeng/Hin Muang therefore more accessible for Phi Phi Diving boats. Therefore we can run several trips per month based on weather and demand, however this would only be during high season months of November – May

            Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are currently only for group tours only as we can charter a speedboat for 8-12 divers.

            Not Yet Advanced Deep Certified?

            Join these dive trips as an Adventure Deep Diver for an extra 1,500 THB which credits you one dive towards the 5 needed to complete your Advanced Open Water Certification.

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              Dive Packages

              Don’t forget to have a look at our dive packages which includes dive trips, accommodation & ferry tickets.

              Been some time since you dived?

              Even If you haven’t dived in a while, don’t worry because you can still join our dive trips by signing up for a Scuba Refresher or a PADI Scuba Review.

              Adventure Dives?

              In addition, if you would like to take your diving education to the next level then you can join our dive trips as an Adventure, Advanced, Speciality and Rescue Student.

              Not yet certified?

              Lastly if you would like to dive but are not certified that’s no problem because you can sign up for Discover Scuba Diving, Scuba Diver Course or Open Water Course.

              Arrive and Dive

              If you want to ‘Arrive and Dive’ on the same day as you arrive to Koh Phi Phi, you must book in advance because we need to arrange your deposit, sizes, lunch and insurance details.

              Furthermore, you can ‘Arrive and Dive’ on the same day, provided you are staying in Tonsai Village. You must take the first ferry over to arrive in time for check in which is not later than 12pm. Afternoon boat departs around 1pm and returns to the pier by 6pm latest.

              First ferry from Phuket is 8.30am and from Krabi is 9am, both arriving around 11am.

              We can book your transfer and ferry over to the island for you if you like!

              Afternoon boat departs around 1pm and returns to the pier by 6pm latest.

              BOOK NOW!

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                Preferred Diving Date

                Inclusions and Discounts

                -Our dive trips prices are inclusive of tanks, weights, equipment, lunch, water, fruit and divemaster fees.

                -10% discount is applied to the full price offered if you book fun diving for 3 or more days with Blue View Divers

                -Only 1 discount at a time

                -500THB off if you have your own Scuba Diving equipment!

                -Additionally, we can discount if you have partial equipment for example: -200 THB for regulator / -200 THB for BCD / -100 THB own wetsuit

                -Discounts available for professional divers with a current renewed licence!

                -If you complete a course with us, you will receive lifetime discount therefore 10% off fun diving and 800 THB off your next course!

                -Additionally, we offer 10% off if you have dived with our sister shop in Koh Lipe, Adang Sea Divers !

                Certified Diver Packages

                Furthermore, don’t forget we have certified diver packages available if you would like to book transfer, room and diving together.

                National Park Diving Fees
                National park fees are not included in trip prices.

                1 day program – 600 THB
                2 day program – 800 THB
                3 day program – 1000 THB

                For more information please click HERE.

                Thank you for your support of Phi Phi National Marine Park!

                Cancellation Policy

                Last but not least, please click this link to view our Cancellation Policies.

                More Diving Activities

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                shark snorkel phi phi island
                READ MORE…

                Diving Trips Phi Phi: Exploring the Depths with Blue View Divers

                Diving enthusiasts, get ready for the underwater adventure of a lifetime as we take you on a journey to Phi Phi, Thailand. First and foremost, Phi Phi Islands are renowned for their stunning landscapes, crystal-clear waters as well as vibrant marine life. In fact, to make your diving experience unforgettable, we recommend diving with Blue View Divers. Now, what you can expect when you dive with Blue View Divers in Phi Phi? Don’t forget, whether you’re an experienced diver or new to the world of scuba, Phi Phi has something to offer for everyone.

                About Blue View Divers

                Blue View Divers is a top-rated dive center located on Phi Phi Don which is the largest of the Phi Phi Islands. This dive center is known for its commitment to safety, personalized services, also its dedication to preserving the underwater ecosystem. Additionally, Blue View Divers caters to divers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, not to mention their experienced team ensures that each diver has a memorable and safe experience.

                Diving Packages for Certified Divers

                Blue View Divers offers a variety of diving packages for certified divers that allow you to explore the underwater wonders of Phi Phi. Here are some of the options you can choose from:

                1. Dive Day Trips:

                • Experience multiple dives in a single day, with Blue View Divers’ day trips which typically include two or three dives at different dive sites around the Phi Phi Islands.
                • Certified divers will have the opportunity to explore stunning coral reefs, deep walls, and an abundance of marine life, including colorful fish, vibrant coral formations. Not to mention sometimes even encounters with larger creatures like reef sharks and turtles.

                2. Specialty Diving:

                • Blue View Divers offers a range of specialty dives for certified divers which include wreck dives, night dives, and drift dives.
                • Wreck dives allow you to explore sunken vessels which provides a unique and eerie experience.
                • Night dives reveal a completely different world underwater where nocturnal creatures coming to life.
                • Drift dives take you on exhilarating underwater journeys as you glide with the currents, witnessing breathtaking seascapes.

                3. Dive Courses and Advanced Training:

                • For certified divers looking to advance their skills, Blue View Divers offers courses such as Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver, and Enriched Air Nitrox.
                • These courses allow you to expand your diving horizons and in addition explore greater depths and dive environments safely and confidently.

                4. Dive and Stay Packages:

                • To make your diving experience seamless, Blue View Divers also offers dive and stay packages. These include accommodations at nearby resorts, ensuring you’re just steps away from the dive center and the stunning beaches of Phi Phi.

                5. Environmental Conservation:

                • Blue View Divers is dedicated to preserving the underwater ecosystem of Phi Phi. They organize regular clean-up dives, coral restoration projects, including educational programs to raise awareness about the importance of marine conservation.

                The Diving Experience

                When you dive with Blue View Divers in Phi Phi, you can expect:

                • Professional and knowledgeable dive instructors and guides.
                • Well-maintained equipment and safety measures.
                • Small group sizes for a more personalized experience.
                • A variety of dive sites suitable for different experience levels.
                • Lastly an opportunity to spot diverse marine life, including colorful corals, schools of fish, and macro creatures.

                Phi Phi’s underwater beauty is unparalleled, so let Blue View Divers make it possible for you to explore this underwater paradise with confidence.

                To summarize, if you’re a certified diver seeking adventure, Phi Phi and Blue View Divers are the perfect combination. With our extensive range of diving options, commitment to safety and small group ethos. Additionally with our dedication to marine conservation then you’re in for an unforgettable experience in one of the world’s most iconic diving destinations. So, don your wetsuit, grab your gear because it’s time to get ready to discover the underwater wonders of Phi Phi with Blue View Divers.

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