Advanced Open Water Course


Expand on what you know already while explore exciting new experiences in scuba diving!

Advanced Open Water Courses at Blue View Divers are now **All Inclusive** until end 31st December 2023!

That means we will include torch rental, dive computer, night dive, torch, scuba refresher and FREE PADI T-shirt! (*while stocks last)

Caroline and her team are brilliant! I decided to do my Advanced Open Water very last min however Caroline was accommodating. The diving itself was out of this world! Great visibility, brilliant colors, favorable water temps and first-rate sea life! I was a tad anxious before my deep dive which nearly caused me to give up however Caroline took time to talk through the situation and we ended up diving shortly after and had a fantastic time! The night dive would be my favorite! Overall, it was an unforgettable experience! I felt welcomed from start to finish and now I feel like I have a community that I belong to anytime I decide to come back to Phi Phi.

Austin 5* Trip Advisor Nov 2023


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    Advanced Open Water Course

    Duration – 2 Days – 5 Dives

    Price12,600 THB *NOW 10,900 – 11,900 THB*

    Pre-requisites: Open Water Diver in addition to recent diving experience.

    The PADI Advanced Open Water Course is the exciting next step after the PADI Open Water Course

    This course doesn’t have too much classroom work because the main emphasis is on new diving techniques and experiences.

    To start, you will read how to ‘Think like a Diver’ before diving into deep dive techniques, or exploring a ship wreck. Also, you can play with the plankton on a night dive while learning new dive computer skills, studying fish species or dabbling in underwater photography… will not be disappointed!

    The Advanced Open Water course consists of 5 open water training dives which include corresponding chapters in the PADI elearning course. There are 2 compulsory dives – Deep dive and a Navigation dive. After that you can then can choose 3 remaining dives.

    You receive your own e-learning course to study at home before you arrive, or from the comfort of your hotel.


      Preferred Diving Date

      padi advanced open water phi phi

      Adventure Dives Available for Advanced Open Water:

      Deep Dive

      Navigation Dive

      Wreck Dive

      Night Dive

      PADI AWARE Fish Identification

      Underwater Naturalist

      Boat Diving

      Search & Recovery

      Underwater Digital Imaging

      PADI Project AWARE – Shark Conservation

      PADI Project AWARE – Divers against Debris

      Each Advanced Open Water dive gives you a taste for something new and exciting, therefore if you love one area in particular, you can enroll in a PADI Specialty Course to learn more!

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        Preferred Diving Date

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        Duration – 1 Day – 3 Dives

        Price – 8,800 THB

        Pre-requisitesPADI Open Water Diver or equivalent.

        So, are you short on time and want to try some new and exciting dives? Why not sign up for only 3 Adventure Dives and then go home with a diving certification!

        Firstly you should decide what interests you the most followed by a short review on that subject and then go enjoy three dives with your PADI instructor.

        Then, to upgrade to Advanced Open Water Diver in the future, all you need to do is complete two more Adventure Dives. Don’t forget as long as you have completed your Navigation Dive and Deep Dive!

        Additionally, you receive your own PADI Advanced Open Water e-Learning program by email, which can be accessed on the PADI Training app but also on your PC.

        Each Advanced Open Water dive gives you a taste for something new and exciting, so remember if you love one area in particular, you can enroll in a specialty course in that subject!

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          Preferred Diving Date

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          One Day Programs

          If you are short on time don’t worry because you can complete a PADI Adventure Dive (+800 THB on top of daily diving rate), also Adventure Night Dive (2,500 THB) or even the PADI Adventure Diver Course!


          If you would like a custom package, check out our Advanced Open Water dive package including Accommodation & Ferry tickets.


          -Compete your Advanced or Adventure Diver Course with Blue View Divers and enjoy 10% discount off Fun Diving for life and 800B off future courses!

          -500THB off if you have your own Scuba Diving equipment!

          -10% off if you dive with our sister shop in Koh Lipe, Adang Sea Divers !



          Equipment including dive computer, basic diving insurance, instructor, e-learning (including PADI Certification fees).

          Five dives including a night dive


          Kled Gaeow Wreck – 600 THB

          Camera or Go Pro Rental – 1.000 THB

          Pool Refresher – 1,000 THB

          Refresher dive – 1,900 THB

          Koh Haa / King Cruiser Trip – 2,000 THB

          RSTC Medical Declaration

          Before signing up for any Continuing Education dives or courses, it’s required that you check out the Diving Medical Questionnaire. Therefore any students who answer YES to any to any question listed must let us know because you are required to print out the Medical form and take to a doctor before coming to Thailand.

          Here is the required RSTC Medical Statement.

          National Park Fees

          NATIONAL PARK FEES are not included in trip prices therefore students must bring cash to the pier before each trip

          1 day diving – 600 THB
          2 day course- 800 THB
          3 day diving- 1000 THB

          For further information click HERE.

          Finally, thank you for your support of Phi Phi National Marine Park!

          Cancellation Policy

          Finally, don’t forget to read our Cancellation Policies .

          More Info

          Exploring Depths: PADI Advanced Open Water Course

          To start, the PADI Advanced Open Water course is an exhilarating journey beyond basic scuba certification which is designed to hone your diving skills. Not only to open your mind and expand your skills but also to deepen your underwater experience. While building on foundational knowledge, this course propels divers into new realms of exploration. Moreover, the course fosters a sense of confidence and competence, including experience in a variety of environments providing diverse challenges. Therefore transitioning seamlessly from theory to practical application.

          Embracing the Darkness: The Excitement of PADI Night Dive Training

          PADI Night Dive Training offers a thrilling plunge into the mysterious world beneath the waves, enhanced by the unique challenges and sensory experiences of the nighttime ocean.

          Firstly, the course instills essential skills for navigating in darkness which creates an immediate sense of adventure. Transitioning from the familiar daylight settings to the nocturnal underwater realm adds an element of anticipation. Furthermore, participants learn to rely on specialized equipment and techniques, which gives a deeper connection with their surroundings. Then, excitement peaks as divers witness the vibrant nightlife of marine creatures, which reveals a hidden dimension of beauty. Ultimately, PADI Night Dive Training is an exhilarating journey into the unknown, while elevating the thrill of scuba diving to new heights.

          Advocating for the Oceans: PADI Shark Conservation Dive

          Did you know that Phi Phi has a healthy population or endangered sharks? For example, you may encounter black tips during your Advanced Course!

          Dive into the realm of marine conservation with the PADI Shark Conservation Dive which immerses divers in the fascinating world of sharks which sheds light on their critical role in maintaining marine ecosystems. Transition from common misconceptions which fosters informed understanding. Therefore divers gain insights into shark behavior and conservation challenges. Moreover, it offers a focus on awareness and advocacy which fuels a commitment to preserving these majestic creatures for future generations. To conclude, this is a great dive to learn more about the importance of sharks in our local eco system.

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