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Our PADI Dive Centre on Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is an amazing place both above and under water therefore choosing the right PADI Dive Centre for you is important.

Professional, motivated, safe and fun!

I took the Open Water course with Nathalie and it was absolutely perfect. Nathalie is passionate about what she does, incredibly professional, puts a lot of enthusiasm and patience in teaching. She made me feel safe all the time and was always available to answer questions also go over things I didn’t understand. She showed me the equipment room at the dive centre and the compressor, explained carefully about their maintenance procedures and definitely felt 100% reliable. A good team!

MarziaAnna, 5 Star Trip Advisor Review, November 2019

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    padi dive centre Koh Phi Phi

    PADI Dive Centre

    You are welcome to our PADI Dive Centre! A PADI 5 Star and Green Star Award Winning Dive Centre which is run with safety, the local community and the environment in mind. CLICK HERE to find us!

    Our ethos is to dive the islands the way they should be which mean small groups, eco-friendly, safe, professional and fun! We specialize in family packages, conservation diving and full group packages which include everything from hotel stay to airport pickup.

    You will find us on the northernmost tip of Loh Dalum Bay overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea! Koh Phi Phi is 50km away from Phuket and Krabi by ferry, therefore to dive with us you must stay at least one night on the island.

    Phi Phi Re-opens 2021

    In October 2021, Phi Phi Island reopened. We were one of three dive centres operating during the pandemic, until we had to close in May 2021. During these 5 months our regulators and BCDs sere serviced according to manufacturers guidelines. In addition, we did a deep clean and put procedures in place for the safety of our divers and staff. Furthermore, our tanks, valves and compressor are all serviced.

    We have decided to keep our classes small and continue to teach quality courses while keeping the new PADI regulations in mind when it comes to scuba diving and Covid 19.

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      PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

      Professional Association of Diving Instructors ‘PADI’ is the most widely recognised scuba diving agency in the world because they certify over 70% of the world’s divers. Therefore, as a PADI 5 Star Dive Centre we must adhere to PADI’s high standards of training and education.

      Furthermore, we are expected to excel in providing divers with memorable scuba diving experiences, customer satisfaction and environmental awareness. By choosing PADI 5 Star Dive Centres you can expect a high level of training and safety.

      PADI is world famous as a diver certification agency offering diving courses from beginners to professional offering educational materials in numerous languages. www.padi.com

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        caroline dive team pileh lagoon

        Experienced Dive Team

        In our dive centre our team live and work on the island long term, therefore know the dive sites intimately. Our Divemasters and Instructors are PADI Certified therefore have experience diving around Koh Phi Phi and the world! We have combined over 8,000 dives around Koh Phi Phi and can teach you in different languages including Thai.

        We have years of experience diving around Koh Phi Phi therefore we know that it is best dived from a small boat in small groups.

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          ดำน้ำตื้น และ ดำน้ำลึก กับ ไกด์คนไทย  และครูสอนที่เป็น คนไทย ที่มีประสบการณ์

          Thai Divemasters

          We have an experienced and energetic team of local Divemasters. In addition to our local team we have one of the most experienced instructors on the island. Caroline has lived in Koh Phi Phi for almost 20 years and lives and breathes diving. Along with our Thai team, she is excited to share a safe, exciting and memorable dive experience.

          phi phi diving longtail boat

          Our Longtail Boats

          Iconic longtail boats are quintessential to the Phi Phi Islands. As the original longtail dive boat operator, our Dive Centre has two custom built long tail boats; Georgie and Alfie. Captains are experienced and fully licensed local drivers with First Aid & CPR training, also knowing the islands like the back of their hand.

          All long tail boats are equipped with tank racks, drinking water, First Aid, Emergency O2, spare kit, life jackets, a semi-dry area and dry bags available for your valuables

          Long-tail diving keeps groups small, therefore the experience is more personal and authentic. Another advantage is that our divers can explore small beaches and lagoons during surface intervals. Maximum capacity on Georgie and Alfie is 10 divers.

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            Infinity Pool

            Our Dive Centre on Koh Phi Phi boasts an infinity pool overlooking Loh Dalum Bay with a stunning view of the island, especially at sunset. This facility allows divers to complete training sessions, brush up on dive skills or try Diving for the first time!

            We pride ourselves in making diving accessible for everybody therefore a key part of this philosophy is providing correct stepping stones for first timers. Morning pool training sessions are a great way to start your day! A comfortable and safe environment which provides a perfect introduction to SCUBA diving.

            It is a perfect first step for children or kids scuba diving activities. Also you can begin your Discover Scuba Diving experience here too!

            If you have never dived before and are feeling nervous, then why not try it out in the pool first on one of our free try dives! Take your first breaths underwater in a controlled environment with experienced instructors.

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              Beach Clean Up Koh Phi Phi Thailand

              Eco-friendly Diving

              Our Dive Centre is the only PADI Green Star Awarded Dive Centre on Phi Phi. Therefore, it is important to us to encourage and enforce eco-friendly diving practices in dive briefings and courses. Because of this ethos, we like to do our part to help to keep Koh Phi Phi beautiful and host regular clean ups. Playing an active role in the local community assisting with several ongoing environmental projects. Also, we are involved in the local Trash Hero Koh Phi Phi movement.

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                Trip Advisor Hall of Fame Diving Phi Phi

                Highly Rated

                Blue View Divers PADI 5* Dive Centre are recommended in travel guide books including ‘Stefan Loose’ and Lonely Planet because of our long running environmental projects, commitment to Ocean Conservation and authentic longtail experience. We are also highly rated on Trip Advisor thanks to our happy divers and snorkelers. In addition, we have received awards from PADI including the only ‘Green Star Award’ on Koh Phi Phi in addition to the PADI award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Diver Education’ 2019

                PADI DIVEMASTER

                Phi Phi Divemaster Camp

                   Blue View Divers’ Divemaster Camp which runs throughout the year aims to offer the highest level of Divemaster Training on the island. In addition to incorporating Ocean Conservation elements to your Divemaster Course, candidates can also signup for or Conservation Diving Internship . Make your first step into Ocean Conservation. If your thinking about becoming a Dive Professional check out our website www.phiphidivemaster.com

                Scuba Diving Insurance

                Your safety is our priority therefore we ask that each diver has insurance which covers their scuba diving activities. As a PADI 5* Dive Centre we want to ensure all divers are covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. We cannot stress enough the importance of medical travel insurance, especially when you travel around Thailand. For divers who do not carry travel insurance, or who’s insurance does not cover Scuba Diving, we can insure you for a small fee through Bangkok Bank.

                INDEPTHS is also a fantastic community resource for Divers and includes daily – yearly insurance coverage- www.indepths.org 

                SSS Network are a network of hyperbaric chambers and diving doctors around Thailand. The network specializes in treating diving related medical enquiries, diving injuries and medical care. Blue View Divers is an active member of the SSS network for full hyperbaric coverage. www.sssnetwork.com

                DAN – Divers Alert Network provides international insurance coverage for recreational and professional divers. www.dan.org

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                  Aqualung Partner Centre

                  Aqualung introduced the world to Scuba diving more than 60 years ago and is the worldwide leader in SCUBA diving equipment. Blue View Divers are a proud partner centre which means we service and maintain our equipment and tanks to a high standard. Additionally, two of our team members qualified Aqualung Service Technicians. We have excellent fin selection for both diving and snorkeling. We use wave BCDs and Calypso regulators which are well known and highly rated rental equipment – www.aquamaster.net



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