Conservation Partners

Conservation Partners

Conservation Partners & Affiliates

We have several Conservation Partners and affiliates, being a proud Eco Dive Centre who has been active in the local community since 2006 when we opened. We have build up relationships with many organisations to the point that we now offer programs, workshops and courses in many worthwhile areas. Additionally we have won awards for our cleanups and Eco Friendly dive practices.

Conservation Partners:

conservation partners PADI Green Star Award dive centre

PADI Green Star Award

The PADI Green Star Dive Center Award is awarded to PADI Dive Centers who continually demonstrate a dedication to conservation across their operations. Including water conservation, sustainable menu options, conservation leadership and a donation to Project AWARE. The Green Star Award identifies dive businesses that care about the environment and are acting to protect it. In fact, Blueview Divers have been PADI conservation partners since 2012.

shark guardian dive centre, conservation partners

Shark Guardian Dive Centre

Shark Guardian are a UK based charity doing amazing conservation work around the world to support sharks. They have ongoing marine conservation projects worldwide including Shark conservation, shark education, shark research and shark expeditions. Shark Guardian Dive Centers have a unique partnership with Shark Guardian. Blue View Divers offer the Shark Guardian Diver/Snorkeler Program throughout our activities and are proud to have this conservation partnership.

This recognition is awarded to dive centers supporting shark conservation including Shark Guardian projects and activities. Including us here at Blue View Divers who make a yearly donation to their cause.

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    ocean quest links

    Ocean Quest Global Conservation Partners

    Ocean Quest Global leads the Maya Bay Rehabilitation Project. CEO and Founder Anuar Abdullah has ongoing projects around the world in Marine Conservation. For your chance to join one of these exciting projects in a beautiful location, sign up for one of our Coral Propagation Programs on Phi Phi. Additionally, you can check out their amazing work in the links below.

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      Greenfins Thailand

      Greenfins Thailand is a non profit organisation who aims to increase environmental awareness and education. To become conservation partner, Greenfins perform a dive centre assessment . Furthermore, Blue View Divers has passed the audit and been recognized for our commitment . Our dive team commit environmentally friendly dive practices by completing the ‘Green Fins Dive Guide FREE online E-Course. Our ethos is to protect our oceans therefore we must our business with minimal impact to the environment.

      Greenfins have amazing online free materials and guidelines for interacting responsibly with marine life

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        Other Partners:

        We are grateful for all the amazing work done around Thailand and the world therefore we would like to share some with you:

        Adang Sea Divers Logo Ko Lipe links

        Adang Sea Divers

        A main Conservation Partner in Thailand is our sister shop in Koh Lipe who shares our values and ethos especially in regards to Conservation and safety. We offer discounted 2-island packages.

        TRASH HERO KOH PHI PHI conservation partners

        Trash Hero Phi Phi

        Our dive team support and help to run the local Trash Hero Chapter. Hosting regular cleanups, community events and of course the Trash Hero Bottle Project offering FREE Water Refill.

        spot the leopard shark citizen science conservation partner
        Spot the Leopard Shark

        Spot the Leopard Shark was set up by Marine Biologist Dr. Christine Dudgeon who lives in Australia. Vital data is collected from our team and used by Christine to study and learn more about leopard sharks.

        Olive Ridley Project Logo

        Olive Ridley Project

        Founded in the Maldives by one of our instructors, Marine Biologist Martin Stelfox. Setup to protect turtles & gather data on discarded fishing gear. Also published Olive the sea turtle’ in 2020.

        fnez, free and easy conservation partner

        Free and Easy Traveler

        We love Free & Easy from Canada as they have dived with us for 14+ years. One of the original Thailand group tours, they now travel the world with a focus on the environment and of course – FUN!

        Lonely Planet Logo 2 phi phi island dive centre

        Lonely Planet

        Since 2012 Blue View have featured in several Lonely Planet Guides. This is due to our regular cleanup efforts and commitment to the local community and environment.

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          Past Conservation Partners:

          We have met wonderful people and organisations in the past with too many to mention however here are some for you to read about:

          Whale Company ‘Bottle Board Project’, 2018 . We orignally met Carolyn and Carlos from the Whale Company at the Trash Hero Meeting. Subsequently, they travelled to Koh Phi Phi where we helped them build a SUP with Trash Hero Phi Phi

          Electrolux ‘Vac’s from the Sea’, 2009 . We sent off plastic debris collected from a cleanup which was made into a vacuum cleaner!

          Blogs featuring Blue View Divers:

          Divers have written about their experiences here so we have added some here for you to read!

          Links beyond our conservation partners:

          Youtube Video links:

          2015 – Visiting Instructor Shannon shares his dive experience 88,000 views

          Tsunami links:

          • Hi Phi Phi – A grassroots foundation formed after the tsunami that struck Phi Phi in 2004. A community-based initiative of local Koh Phi Phi residents and non-Thais who helped the people of Phi Phi rebuild their lives after the tsunami.
          • TAPEI TIMES ARTICLE – Read about our manager Caroline’s experience of the Tsunami 2004 : Tapei times
          • Blue View Divers Opens post Tsunami‘ – Phi Phi Articles Blog – By Blue View founder Clare West, 2006