Conservation Diving

Conservation Diving on Koh Phi Phi

Our ethos focuses on Ocean Conservation therefore we are happy to offer unique Conservation Diving programs, only at Blue View Divers.

“No one is without power as everybody has the capacity to do something. In fact, even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take. Every drop of water you drink and every bite you consume.”

Silvia Earle
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    Dive with purpose

    Signing up for a meaningful dive because you are interested in Conservation Diving means joining a passionate team trying to make a difference. In particular, learn to organically rehabilitate corals, remove ocean debris or monitor coral reefs. Also, you can contribute to Citizen Science which is extremely valuable. Help us conserve our coral reefs while enjoying the diverse marine life that Koh Phi Phi is famous for! Volunteer Internships now available!

    maya beach restoration ocean quest maya beach coral propogation

    Coral Propagation

    Blue View Divers is a proud Ocean Quest Global Conservation Diving Centre. Above all, our mission is to educate and involve local community and divers , specifically highlighting the importance of coral reefs in coastal ecosystems.

    coral propogation
    Ocean Quest Propagation Trainers

    Our Coral Propagation Trainers are passionate about preserving our oceans in addition to teaching and guiding divers. Subsequently they volunteer their time helping regenerate and replant broken corals in our Marine Park. Of course, volunteering at Maya Bay’s coral nurseries has been the inspiration for us to build our own nursery. The Maya Bay Project is the largest Coral Rehabilitation Program in the world therefore we are lucky to be part of!

    nui bay nursery
    Conservation Diving: We want to give back

    Above all, we love the ocean. For this reason we are able to give back by training divers and snorkelers in Coral Propagation. In the same way we have always encouraged marine conservation in our dive and snorkel programs. For this purpose, we have built a nursery at Nui Bay in addition to the Cabana Beach community coral garden.

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      Coral Propagation Course

      Price – 11,300 THB

      Duration – 3 – 4 Days

      Includes – eLearning materials, theory session, beach training dive, 2 x reef dives

      PRE REQUISITES – 12 years old, Advanced DIVER with 15 Dives and dived within 6 months.

      Organic Approach to Coral Gardening

      This comprehensive course teaches the history of Ocean Quest’s unique organic approach to coral rehabilitation. You have hands on experience with the tools and methods required to ensure high coral survival rates. Your rescued corals will be planted in our training nursery so that we can monitor them. In addition, you will learn a more deep understanding of reef rehabilitation, after which you can join an active Ocean Quest project.

      What you will learn

      To begin with you will complete the Coral Handbook followed by practical training in the ocean.

      An Introduction to Coral teaches the benefits of coral rehabilitatio .

      Learn about Coral speciesr, especially their importance in the marine environment.

      Also, we introduce Equipment for Coral Propagation and how to prepare, clean and use accordingly.

      Coral Broodstock collection, extrction and handling  in particular, how to ensue minimal stress on the corals.

      The benefits of natural substrate (‘Live Rocks’) compared to man-made substrates.

      Study the Coral Propagation Techniques invented by Ocean Quest.

      Finally, collect substrate and coral fragments yourself followed by planting in the nursery.

      To summarize, not only will you learn new skills, you will be inspired to continue learning.

      What’s Included
      • Guide to Coral Propagation Book (PDF) and student kit
      • Theory session on Coral Propagation and Conservation
      • Ocean Quest Coral Propagation Certificate
      • Trainer and Certification Fees
      • Diving or snorkel equipment
      • Use of our Propagation Tool kit and Coral Catalyst
      • Photography / Underwater Camera
      • Tea, Coffee, Water and Lunch
      • Access to our Coral Training Nursery
      • NOT INCLUDEDAdditional Cost for Training at our Nui Bay Nursery by boat (optional)
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        Coral Propagation Workshop

        Price – 4,000 THB

        Duration – 1/2 Day

        Our coral gardening workshop introduces the basic techniques of Coral Propagation at the same time raising awareness of declining coral reefs worldwide. In fact this workshop is open for non divers especially as snorkel skills are all that are required. There is also a chance to join this workshop especially if you do not like snorkeling and you prefer to stay on dry land!

        What will you learn

        Firstly, you will be introduced to Coral Propagation in a classroom session, in particular Coral and substrate handling thus giving you basic understanding.

        Then we will take you to Cabana Beach to observe your trainer and assist in the process. You can glue your own corals which will be planted and will grow in our nursery.

        What is Included
        • Theory session on Coral Propagation and Conservation.
        • Photography.
        • Ocean Quest Certificate.
        • Free Home made coral safe sunscreen use.
        • Instructor Fee, Certification Fees, Tools and Lunch.
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          conservation dive

          Conservation Diving – Fun Dive

          Price – 3,400 THB *NOW 2,900 THB

          Duration – 2 Dives

          PrerequisitesAdvanced/Experienced Diver

          Our guests often express an interest in helping to protect our coral reefs. For this purpose we now offer Conservation Dive upgrades while you enjoy the local dive sites. Upgrade your Fun Dives to a Conservation Dive so that as a result you have directly made a positive impact in our precious ocean.

          Conservation Diving: What you can expect

          Learn safe techniques for trash collection and net removal otherwise you may not know the risks involved. In addition, you can develop skills on how to monitor coral reefs. You can log data from your dives with environmental organizations that rely on your citizen science findings.  When conditions permit we love taking divers to our Nui Bay Nursery to witness our progress since we first planted corals in 2019.

          shark guardian
          Shark Guardian Diver Program

          We are Phi Phi’s only ‘Shark Guardian Dive Centre‘ therefore we offer this program exclusively on Koh Phi Phi. Discover the importance of sharks in our oceans coupled with the reasons why they are a threatened species. We provide a certificate once you successfully record your observations onto Also, you can use these skills on every dive while continuing to contribute important data to citizen science.

          What you will learn
          • We will teach you about local Conservation efforts on Koh Phi Phi and then you choose a Conservation Dive
          • Some prefer cleanup dives, learning safe techniques to remove ocean debris .
          • Contribute vital data by learning how to Monitor coral reefs (Greenfins ‘Reef Watch’ Program).
          • Passive dives include monitoring Marine Life and Ocean Debris ( .
          • Choose the Shark Guardian Diver Program .
          • Follow your Ocean Quest Trainer to learn broken coral handling
          • Lastly, you will leave inspired by our ocean planet!

          What’s Included
          • To begin with, your guide will give a thorough Environmental Briefing on Conservation diving techniques.
          • In addition, we provide all underwater slates, pencils and monitoring tools.
          • Also provided will be any cleanup tools, mesh bags and gloves that are required.
          • Lunch, fruit and water are provided along with all scuba diving equipment.
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            National Park fees are not included in our prices

            This ticket is only required if you are diving in the Marine Park, but not required if you will be diving at Cabana Beach

            1 day: 400 THB/ 2 days: 600 THB/3 days: 800 THB

            Please click to see our Cancellation Policies

            conservation volunteer

            Conservation Volunteer Internship

            Duration – 2 weeks – 3 months

            Cost – Please contact us directly

            The Blue View Divers Volunteer Internship is a unique opportunity to learn about all of our Conservation Programs in addition to our local community projects. Due to the limited spaces we offer this mostly to Gap year students and young divers who are considering a career in Marine Conservation. There are group package discounts and family packages available.

            We are actively involved in Trash Hero Koh Phi Phi therefore our interns can get involved in beach cleaning events and learn how to organise and arrange themselves. We want to get you off to a good start in scientific diving and recommend doing this as part of your Divemaster Course.

            Finally we would like to remind you that before you enroll in Conservation Diving consider refreshing your diving and buoyancy skills. This is because handling coral and conducting surveys requires underwater multi tasking skills.

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              Medical Clearance Declaration

              Certain medical conditions may prevent you from scuba diving such as asthma and heart conditions. Even if you are joining us for Conservation Diving, we need to know if you are taking any medications, or if you are are unsure about your fitness to dive. So please read the RSTC Diving Medical Questionnaire. Finally, if you answer YES to any to anything please print the form and take it to your physician.

              Please click for the full Medical Statement.

              Course Discounts

              If you complete a Course with Blue View Divers you can enjoy lifetime discount. You will get 10% discount off Fun Diving and 700B off future courses with us but also our sister centre in Koh Lipe –

              Discount also applies if you have your own Regulator, BCD and Wetsuit.

              Volunteering Koh Phi Phi

              Our divers and snorkelers volunteer at local beach cleanups because they love the ocean and want to give back. You are welcome to join one of the many island cleanups. There are local community events in addition to the Trash Hero Koh Phi Phi Sunday beach cleans. Furthermore, if you cannot make a cleanup event don’t worry. In addition to Blue View cleanups we have gloves and bags available if you would like to do your own! We sort and weigh all trash then post on social media. Finally, you can visit our office to learn about our journey to Zero Waste. We have a recycle station where you can ‘Make Art Not Waste‘ if you are creative person!

              You can also contribute to Citizen Science by conducting a Brand Audit for Break Free From Plastic – data which is used to name and shame big companies like Nestle, Coca Cola and Pepsi who create a nuisance for us in the local environment! we have many Conservation Partners and organisations we work with – check them out HERE!