Bubblemaker for kids

Bubblemaker for kids

BubbleMaker for Kids!

BubbleMaker for kids is a unique PADI program introducing young kids from aged 8 to scuba diving. We love giving kids their first breaths underwater and our friend Soleh completed a PADI Bubblemaker Program with us in 2016! Since then we have had many kids from aged 8 – 10 come to try it out! For adults who are nervous you can simply jump in to feel those first breaths then decide to try in the ocean next!

We had a great time practicing our new scuba and snorkeling skills! Well done to Mekhala, Farid, Massaya, Maddie, Sol, Buddy and all the kids we had the pleasure of diving with!

Highly Recommend!

We loved Blue Divers and their environmental approach. Professionalism ,great communication, tailored plans and flexibility. Our two kids (10-12) got their junior open water certification which was assisted by Caroline who was a fantastic instructor for them . So if you are looking for a serious dive centre in Ko Phi Phi , Blue Dive is the place

mauyangon wrote a 5* Trip Advisor Review Dec 2018

Bubblemaker for Kids Experience:

We dive in our beautiful pool for fun and practice but also have the option to dive from Cabana Beach. There is a shallow reef there and a Clownfish (nemo!) therefore a little more exciting. Bubblemaker for kids is a safe, supervised PADI program for kids aged 8 or older.

Diving Location: Swimming Pool at Blue View Divers followed by a shallow reef confined area.
Maximum Depth: 1.5 metres

Skills: Firstly, we practive breathing, equalizing and regulator clearing. Secondly, once they are comfortable we move on to mask clearing, hand signal practice, fish spotting, fish signals and fin kicking

What did we see: Giant Pufferfish, Yellow Snappers, Crocodile Long Toms, Skunk Anenome Fish, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Moorish Idols, Copper Nosed Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Moon Wrasse, Anenomes, Compact Corals, Giant Clams, Boring Clams and much more!

Snorkeling Locations: Long Beach, Viking Cove

Skills: Snorkel clearing, mask clearing, equalizing

What did we see: 3 x Black Tip Reef Sharks! Parrot fish (of course because that is the shark’s favourite meal!), Pufferfish, Butterflyfish

What comes after PADI Bubblemaker?

When kids come of age they can enroll in the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. Additionally, once they are 10 years old and pass the swim requirements they can enroll in a certification course. Until then they can continue to get comfortable in the ocean by becoming proficient snorkelers or even learn skin diving.

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