‘Scuba Sol’ – PADI Bubblemaker!

Blue View Divers love introducing kids to Scuba Diving! Soleh completed a PADI Bubblemaker Program with Blue View Divers last week! We had a great time practicing our new scuba and snorkeling skills!

Diving Location: Swimming Pool, Blue View Divers / Viking Bay Confined area
Maximum Depth: 1.5 metres

Skills: Breathing, equalizing, regulator clearing, mask clearing, hand signal practice, fish spotting, fish signals and fin kicking

What did we see: Giant Pufferfish, Yellow Snappers, Crocodile Long Toms, Skunk Anenome Fish, Crown of Thorns Starfish, Moorish Idols, Copper Nosed Butterflyfish, Parrotfish, Moon Wrasse, Anenomes, Compact Corals, Giant Clams, Boring Clams and much more!

Snorkeling Location: Long Beach

Skills: Snorkel clearing, mask clearing, equalizing

What did we see: 3 x Black Tip Reef Sharks! Parrot fish (of course because that is the shark’s favourite meal!), Pufferfish, Butterflyfish