India’s FIRST EVER ‘Junior PADI Master Scuba Diver’

At Blue View Divers we love teaching families, children and divers of all ages and walks of life. As we approach high season, we are starting to expand our diving programs specifically geared towards children.

Having a swimming pool on premises is a massive advantage as we can teach the PADI Bubblemaker program, Discover Snorkelling and Scuba Try-dives in a safe and fun environment. Not only that, but we can also offer the PADI Junior Open Water Course, PADI Scuba Diver Course, PADI Jr. Advanced and much more!

Look out for our new ‘Kid’s Zone‘ on the website for upcoming courses and programs, especially designed for adventure seeking kids and families!

But first, let us share the story of Jashan……………


Jahsan, Jr Master Scuba Diver

In 2012 Blue View Divers was lucky enough to be part of an incredible journey of a young student diver, Jashan. Please spend some time to read about Jashan’s achievement.

Jashan loved being in the water from a very early age. In May 2008 in Egypt, he saw the underwater world for the first time and when he reached 10 years old Jashan completed his Junior PADI Open Water Course, which was the start of many things to come.

Jashan was determined to complete and obtain his PADI Junior Adventure Diver certification, and after successfully completing his PADI Adventure Dives, the rating of PADI Junior Adventure Diver was awarded in March 2011.

He then progressed onto some of the most advanced and breathtaking dive sites Thailand has to offer, the famous Phi Phi Islands, Bida Nok, Bida Nai, Malong, Palong Bay, Viking, Tonsai Wall, Pileh wall and Hin Bida. Experiencing leopard sharks, black tip reef sharks, hawks bill turtles, blue spotted sting rays and reef octopuses, Jashan’s passion continued to grow.

padi diver

Jashan and Leopard Shark

In November 2012, at age 12 on Phi Phi Islands, with PADI 5 Star Centre Blue View Divers and under the professional guidance of PADI Instructor Alexandra Bassarab, Jashan finally completed his Junior PADI AOW. From here, he signed up for Emergency First Response and PADI Specialty courses of Boat Diving, Enriched Air Diving and Night Diving.

Under a disciplined and professional guidance, Jashan proceeded to become the very first Indian PADI Junior Rescue diver in March 2013. Along with his parents and PADI, we were extremely proud and honoured to announce Jashan as the very first Indian diver, to obtain the rating of a PADI Junior Master Scuba Diver, this fantastic achievement being completed at the young age of just 12 years old.

Both Jashan’s parents quoted “ We appreciate the safety standards set by PADI and the efforts put in by excellent instructors – Anindya Mukherjee and Alexandra Bassarab. Both Jashan and I feel that PADI courses can inspire people of any age and make them SCUBA divers. Hats Off!!! The Books/videos and study material create interest and motivate children of Jashan’s age. Once again we thank you very much for appreciating Jashan’s achievement. We are also thankful to Anindya Mukherjee of Goa Aquatics and Alex of Blue View, for making his dreams come true. We shall always keep diving”

padi diver

Jashan and Alex

Dive Propulsion Vehicles!

Dive Propulsion Vehicles!

If you know of any young potential diving cadets who have dreams of learning how to dive, please let us know so that we can help make their dream come true!

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