Garden Home Bungalows Koh Phi Phi

Many of our divers who come to Koh Phi Phi ask for advice on booking accommodation on the island. Divers tend to be early risers who prefer to stay somewhere quiet, clean and away from the party scene of Koh Phi Phi. This can be hard to find on Koh Phi Phi if you don’t know your way around.

As part of our Diving Packagese, we have chosen Garden Home Bungalows for our divers, which are smaller locally owned and family run guesthouses for our diving guests to stay.

So we would like to tell you a bit about Garden Home, which is nestled in a quiet area conveniently close to our dive centre and only 5 minutes’ walk from restaurants, beaches and shops.

Garden Home Bungalows

Garden Home Bungalows is a beautiful guesthouse with a natural tropical feel to it. They have succeeded in creating an outdoors feeling while being inside as the bathrooms are designed with beautiful gardens inside! It is designed to that waste water is reused to water the indoor fauna. It’s a perfect spot to come back to after a day of diving. The calming green surroundings is perfect to relax in.

Our Dive Packages include accommodation at this beautiful guesthouse!


Phi Phi Garden Home Bungalow provides all guests with comfortable, affordable and clean accommodation. Guests can choose between air-conditioned or fan rooms. All rooms are en-suite with hot water.




Phi Phi Garden Home Bungalow is a small family owned guesthouse and has been around for many years. Mr. Bao the owner is very friendly and will gladly answer any questions you have about Phi Phi. They have a restaurant that offers delicious food and they also have a bakery with fresh baked bread every day!

Garden Home was built with eco-friendliness in mind as they do recycle water for watering the plants on the premises.

*Please note no alcohol is sold on the premises.


Just past the steps to the Viewpoint