Diving on Phi Phi

Diving on Koh Phi Phi

For over twenty years, scuba divers have come from all over the world to experience diving here. Koh Phi Phi is famous for its variety of marine life including sharks and turtles, rare macro species and everything else in between.

Great day of Fun Dives

We were back to Phi Phi after 2.5 years of completing the Open Water course. We did a Scuba Refresher dive day. The staff were very thorough and yet fun. We went through all the key skills quickly but rigidly and then wen on our two dives. This time round we saw Bida Nok and Viking Cave at Phi Phi Ley.

We really like this dice shop because in our experience they always operate in small groups which makes us feel safer and makes the whole process way more relaxed and enjoyable.

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Dive Sites

Join our local dive trips for many days as we have many different sites to offer. We have two small islands called Bida Nok and Bida Nai which are favourites of ours!

There are many sites around Phi Phi Ley, all a little bit different. On the West Side we have Malong and Maya Corner, which have some really cool swim throughs and a healthy population of hawksbill turtles. At Palong Bay, Palong Wall and Mushroom Rock you are almost certain to see black tip reef sharks!

At the East Side of Phi Phi Ley, we have two walls just outside Pileh Lagoon. Pileh Wall 1 and Pileh Wall 2 which are covered with beautifully coloured soft corals. These can sometimes be drift dives and you can feel like Superman flying along the wall! At Viking Bay there is an artificial reef and coral nursery, which is attracting more and more life every year since it was constructed in 2006.

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Diving on Phi Phi Island

We are fortunate to have much of the marine life that has made Koh Phi Phi so popular for diving. This is in part due to the conservation efforts practiced by the Dive Schools here.

There are around twenty dive schools on Koh Phi Phi with a standardised price system in place for all diving activities. This pricing allows us to maintain high standards in teaching and safety, along with quality scuba equipment. It promotes a sense of co-operation between dive centres, especially in regards to conservation projects.

Prices charged are fully inclusive of equipment, scuba tanks, weights, lunch, water, fruit & Divemaster/Instructor guide fees.

Your Day with us
Sample schedule for a day with Blue View Divers

7.30am – 8am – Divers meet for coffee and briefing.

12pm – 12.30pm – Meet time for afternoon trips

8.30am/1pm – Boat Departure! We aim to miss the crowds by getting to the sites when other divers are surfacing. We often get the dive sites to ourselves which means more fish and less divers!

Dive 1 – Bida Islands or Phi Phi Leh dive sites

Lunch – During the surface interval, lunch and fresh fruit in a beautiful bay or beach. Dive staff take time to collect some rubbish in an effort to reduce waste collecting in the sea and surrounding beaches

Join in or relax and snorkel before we begin briefing your second dive

Dive 2 – Phi Phi Ley has many sites, all a little different. If you see turtles on your first dive we will take you to a good place to spot sharks second, and vice versa!

We dive the best sites that we can access each day. Please note that in low season we do not have full access to the Marine Park due to weather and conditions

1.00pm – Morning trips return to the pier in time for the last ferry departures to Phuket, Krabi, Koh Lanta and Railay. For Ferry Schedules please click here

5.30pm – 6pm – Afternoon trips return to the pier

All divers are invited to log with us in the evening at the dive school

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Our Boats

Meet Georgie, Kathleen and Alfie our custom built dive boats! Diving from a longtail boat allows us to keep groups small and the experience more personal.

Another big advantage is that our divers can explore more of the islands small beaches and bays during surface intervals. Our experienced captains know the islands like the back of their hand, having driven boats on Koh Phi Phi for many years.

All long tail boats are equipped with tank racks, drinking water, First Aid, Emergency O2, spare kit, life jackets, a semi-dry area and dry bags available for your valuables

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Pool Training

Blue View Divers boasts a beautiful infinity pool right on our door step which overlooks beautiful Loh Dalum Bay.

This facility allows divers to complete confined training sessions, brush up on dive skills or try Scuba Diving for the very first time!

At Blue View we pride ourselves in making diving accessible for everybody. A key part of this philosophy is to provide the correct stepping stones for first timers wishing to begin their adventure into the underwater world.

If you have never dived before and are feeling nervous, then why not try it out in the pool first on one of our free try dives!

Take your first breaths underwater in a controlled environment with experienced instructors.

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