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At Blue View Divers we log our daily dive activities.

Garang Heng, 24th August 2014


Conditions: Mild Current, good visibility, mild chop on the surface. Highlights: Fantastic Corals, Bamboo Shark, Tigertail Seahorse, Honey comb Moray Eel.


Conditions: Surface Current, 20 metre visibility, 29 degrees. Highlights: Lionfish, bamboo sharks under the bow, schooling barracudas & reef crabs. You can do a wreck...

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Pileh Wall

Dive 1: Pileh Wall

Come diving Pileh Wall on a dive trip. This is a beautiful wall dive full of soft coral. It's great for drift diving along the wall. Dive 2: Viking and the Artificial Reef Conditions: Waves, mild current, 10-15 metres visibility. Highlights: The artificial reef decorated with lots of friendly batfish, barrakuda and snappers....

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Diving the Kled Gaeow, 9th April 2014

Dive Site: Kled Gaeow Wreck, 1km off Viking Cave, Phi Phi Ley. Conditions: Flat seas, no current, great visibility! About the site: Purposely sunk last month, March 2014, the Kled Gaeow is a retired Navy ship which is now home to thousands of fish and an exciting host of marine life! Huge schools of barracuda, yellow...

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Phi Phi Shark Point

Dive Sites: Phi Phi Shark Point

We spotted 5 Leopard Sharks at Phi Phi Shark Point. Conditions: Flat seas, no current, beautiful visibility. Highlights: FIVE Leopard Sharks! Fantastic day! Also; octopus, reef squid, lionfish and harlequin ghost pipefish. Phi Phi Shark point is the furthest dive site that we travel to by longtail but it almost guaranteed to...

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Whaleshark Spotted! 1st May 2014

Dive Sites: Bida Nok and Palong Wall Conditions: Strong Current, moderate visibility Highlights: 8 metre Whaleshark spotted by Divemaster Trainee and Tom over Finger Reef! Amazing Dive!...

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Bida Nai – 17th March 2014

Dive 1: Palong Bay

Blacktip reef sharks spotted at Palong Bay.

Dive 2: Bida Nai

Conditions: Calm seas, 30 metres visibility, no current Highlights: Dive log on 17th March 2014 around Koh Phi Phi, Thailand - EAGLE RAY on the deep side of Bida Nai! Huge schools of trevelley, barracuda, snappers and fantastic visibility. Dive Trips and Diving course...

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Maya Corner – 12th February 2014

Dive 1: Bida Nok

Our favourite dive site Bida Nok before we headed to Maya Corner for our second dive.

Dive 2: Maya Corner

Conditions: Excellent! 30 degree water, no current, flat seas Highlights: Dive on 12th february 2014 we saw Schooling Barrakuda, Golden Trevelley feeding frenzy, Black Tip reef sharks at the safety stop, Hawksbill Turtle. Come...

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Ghost Pipefish

Dive 1: Malong

4x Ghost pipefish spotted.

Dive 2: Palong

Conditions: 28 degree water, flat seas, mild current. Highlights: Diving 19th January we saw Harlequin Shrimps, Squat Shrimps, Hawksbill turtles.

Ghost Pipefish

Our Ghost pipefish our seasonal fish that come in high season between December to April. We believe this fish comes up from the deep sea to breed. They are often...

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High Season is here!

Dive 1: High Season

Back to Bida Nai for High Season. Highlights: 2 Leopard Sharks, Great Barrakuda, Common, Zebra-Dwarf and Spotfin Lionfishes, Giant Trevelley

Dive 2:

Palong Bay


50 + Black Tip Reef Sharks! A record for our Instructor in one dive! 1 Hawksbill Turtle and pod of dolphins on the surface! Great dive to start the season. We hope this is good...

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Groupers Corner dive site

Dive 1:

Groupers Corner, Koh Phi Phi Leh Conditions: No current, calm seas Water temperature: 29 degrees Visibility: 15 metres

Dive 2:

Viking Natural Reef, Koh Phi Phi Ley Conditions: Mild current, calm seas Water temperature: 29 degrees Visibility: 15+ metres

Today’s Highlights:

Discover Scuba diving around Phi Phi ley we saw Hawksbill Turtle, Common Lionfish, Blue Spotted Stingray, School of Yellow Snappers and Banded Sea Snake! Join us...

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