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Blue View Divers Dive Log

At Blue View Divers we log our daily dive activities.

Leopard Shark!

Dive 1: Bida Nok Leopard Sharks spotted! Dive 2: Malong Conditions: Flat seas, mild current, thermocline at 15 metres, 25metres + visibility above the thermocline Who: PADI Advanced Open Water Student Gerne (UW Naturalist Dive & Peak Performance Buoyancy), Open Water Students Shane and Luisa, Fun Divers David & Jason. Highlights: Female Leopard Shark at Bida Nok!!!! Tigertail...

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September 21st – Bida Nai & Palong

Dive 1: Bida Nai Bay Dive 2: Palong Shelf and Deep Pinnacle Conditions: Flat seas, no current, mild thermoclline, 20+ metres visibility Max Depth: 18 metres Highlights: 2 swim throughs at the site were amazing! Full of snappers. Huge school/tornado or Barracudas, Giant Trevelley feeding frenzy, Blue Spotted Stingrays. We saw..........6-8 COBIAS!! Circling our head at the end of the...

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August 2nd – Viking and Canyon Rock

Dive 1: Viking - Artificial Reef and Natural Reef Dive 2: Canyon Rock at Loh Samah Bay Conditions: Slightly choppy, mild current, sunny skies, 10 metres visibility Max Depth: 18 metres Highlights: Canyon Swim Through, Giant Trevelleys, Bent Stick Pipefish, Hawksbill Turtle, Flounder, Banded Boxer Shrimp, Cow fish, Blue Dragon Nudibranch, Pharoah Cuttlefish. Come dive Canyon Rock dive site with us...

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Diving 11th June at Hin Bida, Phi Phi Leh.

Dive Sites: Hin Bida & Pileh Wall (Phi Phi Leh) Conditions: Sea was like glass! mild current and warm water. 30 m visibility at Hin Bida, 20 m visibility at Phi Phi Leh Highlights: Well, it had to be the THREE leopard sharks! We jumped in and within a minute our divers spotted a leopard shark swimming...

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Kled Gaeow Wreck Diving Phi Phi – April ’15

Dive Sites: Kled Gaeow Wreck & Bida Nai Conditions: Mild current, 29 degrees, thermocline, flat seas. Highlights: 8-10 large Cobia swimming around the Wreck! Also; black tip reef shark at Bida Nai, flounder, blue spotted sting rays, a tornado of barracudas! You can complete your PADI Wreck Speciality on the Kled Gaeow Wreck ...

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Diving Malong North, 29th February 2015

Dive Sites: Bida Nok and Malong North, Phi Phi Island Conditions: AWESOME! Flat seas, 30 + metre vis and warm waters Highlights: Our videographers Jovana and Dusan joined us for a FANTASTIC day while making a promo video for us. They were lucky to capture on video 2 reef octopus mating for around 30 minutes on Bida...

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Diving the Bida Islands – January 23rd 2015

Dive Sites: Bida Islands - Bida Nok and Bida Nai Conditions: 30 degree waters, 30 metre visibility, calm seas HIGHLIGHTS: Baby Whaleshark! Instructor Daniel and Divemaster Conor got to snorkel with this beautiful creature during lunch break! Lots of big schools around right now; jacks, trevelleys, barracudas. ...

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Reggae Bar Staff Dive

Dive 1: Bida Nok Dive 2: Malong Conditions: Delicious! Calm seas, 30 metre visibility Highlights: Diving with Fon and Dao and we saw 2 Octopus, Black Tip Reef Sharks, 2 Hawksbill Turtles together, Barracudas, and the amazing visibility and conditions were a highlight. It was so much fun taking you girls diving! The Reggae Bar Staff completed a...

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Diving Hin Bida October 28th, 2014

Dive 1: Hin Bida Dive 2: Whale Shark Wall Conditions: Flat seas, moderate current, 15 metre visibility Highlights: Leopard Shark! Juvenile Harlequin Sweetlips, Schooling Barracuda, Harlequin Nudibranch, Glorious Flat worms, Lionfish, Yellow Boxfish, Giant Pufferfish, Flute mouth. Join us to dive Hin Bida for a dive trip or as part of a dive course....

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Bida Nai & Palong, 22nd September 2014

Dive 1: Bida Nai Dive 2: Palong Bay Conditions: 30 metres visibility! Warm water, calm seas, great conditions! Highlights: Sea Snake, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Lionfish, Scorpionfish, Schools of Barrakuda and Yellow Snappers, Hawksbill Turtle!...

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