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Check out our blog to keep up to date with our current news and events. Our Dive centre is regularly involved in Clean ups, Dive events and organising Eco events on Phi Phi Island.

We enjoy to teach local Thai people on the island to dive for free. As well as teaching all our amazing students from around the world.

Maya Bay Closing

***Maya Bay Re-opens - UPDATE***

October 2018   UPDATED - Maya Bay and Phi Phi Leh West are now accessible because of better wind & waves conditions. This means that we can again visit inside Maya Bay during our dive trips! We are also excited to share the view on all Eco Tours and our authentic Private Rental Longtail Tours. News reports...

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National Park Fees

National Park Fees Koh Phi Phi 2017

National Park on Koh Phi Phi Marine Park has had a great boost this year for safety and coral protection! This is in part due to the increased presence of the National Park on the island, but also the local community groups working hard to keep Phi Phi safe and beautiful for everyone. The Department of...

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Photo Blog! Women’s Dive Day 2016!

Women's Dive Day Photo Blog 2016

By Panda Hassoldt Women's Dive Day 2016 was a huge success!The pool at Blue View Divers was splashed with tie dye, while our local Thai residents got ready to breathe under water for the first time. Six divers signed up and more who will make time to try within the coming weeks.

Thank you

Thank you to the...

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‘Scuba Sol’ – PADI Bubblemaker!

Blue View Divers love introducing kids to Scuba Diving! Soleh completed a PADI Bubblemaker Program with Blue View Divers last week! We had a great time practicing our new scuba and snorkeling skills! Diving Location: Swimming Pool, Blue View Divers / Viking Bay Confined area Maximum Depth: 1.5 metres Skills: Breathing, equalizing, regulator clearing, mask clearing,...

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PADI Women Dive Day 2016!

Blue View Divers Celebrate PADI Women Dive Day 2016!

On ‘Women Dive Day 2016’ Blue View Divers would like to invite local Thais, both women and men, to join us for a try dive. Let's chick up the dive world this year and share the love of the sport to both sexes. Chicks bring your dudes and dudes bring your...

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Green Fins Coral Watch

Reef Monitoring Project with Green Fins!

Blue View Divers were lucky enough to be invited by Green Fins to help survey coral reefs here on Koh Phi Phi! Divemaster Trainee Panda, Beth and myself (Blue!) were asked to join the dive to collect data on the local reefs, and how the effects of global warming are changing the face of...

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Save Phi Phi Day

Phi Phi Island Protection and Conservation Team 2015

There is some great news for Phi Phi which could see some really positive changes coming regarding the local reefs and environment. Koh Phi Phi is naturally stunning, with thousands of visitors coming each day. Earlier this year local business owners, both Thai and Farang, met to discuss the impact of tourism on the...

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Ferry Schedules Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Ferry Timetables For Koh Phi Phi

To come diving at our dive school you will first need to take a ferry to Phi Phi Island. We have kindly listed all the ferry timetables for you. If you wish to book a ferry ticket please contact us. We can book all your travel arrangement through our in house travel agent Pee...

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Garden Home Bungalows Koh Phi Phi

Many of our divers who come to Koh Phi Phi ask for advice on booking accommodation on the island. Divers tend to be early risers who prefer to stay somewhere quiet, clean and away from the party scene of Koh Phi Phi. This can be hard to find on Koh Phi Phi if you don't know your way...

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Phi Phi Divemaster Camp 2015!

Blue View Divers is proud to announce Phi Phi Island's very first PADI Divemaster Camp! If you are considering a gap year, want a career change to something amazing, fun and exciting, or do you simply want to become a better diver? Whatever your certification level, this is the course for you! Even if you are not...

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