September 21st – Bida Nai & Palong

Dive 1: Bida Nai Bay

Dive 2: Palong Shelf and Deep Pinnacle

Conditions: Flat seas, no current, mild thermoclline, 20+ metres visibility

Max Depth: 18 metres

Highlights: 2 swim throughs at the site were amazing! Full of snappers. Huge school/tornado or Barracudas, Giant Trevelley feeding frenzy, Blue Spotted Stingrays.

We saw……….6-8 COBIAS!! Circling our head at the end of the dive. At Palong the Black Tip Reef Sharks were circling in the shallows and deep pinnacle had a nice school of Long Finned Batfish.

Join us a dive on Bida Nai for a daily dive trip or a PADI Dive Course.

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