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Blue View Divers is PADI 5 Star and Green Star award winning diving centre; run with safety, the local community and the environment in mind. Our Dive School sits on the northern most tip of Loh Dalum Bay overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea. Just a short ferry ride from Phuket or Krabi and you’ll be here. For ferry times click here.

With years of experience diving around Koh Phi Phi, we know that it is best seen and dived from a small boat with small groups. We strive to dive the islands the way they should be dived; small groups, flexible schedules, relaxed, safe and professional.

We offer a full range of PADI courses and guided dives on the local reefs. All diving takes place in a professional yet relaxed manner. The location of the shop also enables us to dive different areas around the island. We have access to the resort infinity pool for training which makes the introduction to scuba diving much easier and comfortable. Click here to sign up for PADI Elearning.

PADI Elearning diving phi phi

Eco-friendly Diving

Being the only PADI Green Star awarded center on Phi Phi, we encourage and enforce eco-friendly dive practices throughout our dive briefings and throughout our scuba diving courses. We do our best to regularly clean the beaches around Phi Phi Ley when taking our lunch in between diving. Daily Beach clean ups help to keep Koh Phi Phi clean and we also have an active role in the local community with different ongoing projects.

longtail boats phi phi thailand scuba

Longtail Boats

We normally dive off our customized long tail boats, Alfie and Kathleen. With lower emissions, experience the beautiful island of Phi Phi Ley above and below the water! Long tails keep the groups small and the service personal.

training pool diving phi phi

Infinity Pool

We are the only diving school on Phi Phi Island which boasts a pool for scuba diver training. It provides a comfortable and safe environment to get introduced to scuba diving. The infinity pool overlooks the beautiful Loh Dalum Bay and has a great view of the island, especially at sunset. Our morning pool training sessions are a great way to wake up and start your day!

beach lunches diving phi phi

Beach Lunches

Enjoy your lunch on one of the beautiful beaches around Phi Phi Ley. Chill on the beach, snorkel, play frisbee or get to know your dive buddies while we change your tanks! Bring your camera along; we have dry bags on board. The views are spectacular!

flexible starts diving phi phi

Late Starts / Flexible Times

Diving off long tail boats allows us to leave later and miss the crowd by get to the dive sites by the time the other boats are finishing their first dive. We often have the dive site to ourselves; this means more fish and fewer divers! We can adjust departure times to suit your needs.

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